Norma from the High School Alternate Universe. Schoolmates include growingupboy, big_bro_complex, and arrantly


Name: Norma Beatty

Age: 16

Grade: Junior

Favorite Color: Yellow

Hobbies: Bargain shopping, visiting new places, texting, hanging with friends

Best Subject: Science and History

Worst Subject: English and Math

Secret Talent: Can read Latin


Jay Maxwell
"JJ" Norma's lab partner and "dear friend." She likes to text him to bother him, even once they're both trapped in the dressing room. She also thinks he needs to get out more.

Senel Coolidge
"Senny" Since Senny helped her out when she first arrived, she's been hanging around him for a while. After all, this place can get pretty weird, and you want to stick by someone you know!

Stella Fennes
"Ell" Senny's girlfriend, and thus Norma's friend by extension! Let's ignore the fact that those two aren't going out yet. Norma is quite fond of Stella, and it's okay that she can't speak loudly yet... Norma can do her half of the talking, too!

Stella Telmes
"S" Another Stella, whom Norma has introduced the wonders of the cellular phone to.

Yuri Lowell
"Yu" Norma's discovered that he's a main character, and will often show up to harass him about it.

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