Lloyd Irving comes from a world that's both similar and different to the world of Aselia. For one thing, there were four elemental deities that are rarely heard of, the Chosens were only slightly different in the past, and people the original cast has never heard of are here, too.

For starters, after the events of Symphonia, Lloyd went to the large academy in Palmacosta to study there. Kratos became a teacher of history, and that was really the only reason he went. He became friends with many different people - Senel Coolidge, Yuri Shibuya, Gohan, Phoenix Wright, and many others.

Things were going well until a young man named Kuwabara came to the city with a girl named Dahlia Hawthorne. Kuwabara wanted to take her out on a date, but she chose Lloyd to show her around the city instead. Lloyd complied, and after the "date", he was given a pendant as a symbol of their love. Lloyd never saw their love, so he put the necklace in a drawer and completely forgot about it.

Later on, Dahlia met up with him, and since Lloyd didn't have the pendant with him, Dahlia grew angry and struck him in the temple with a small angel statue. Lloyd didn't expect her to be so strong, and that wound nearly caused him to bleed to death. Senel, though, found him before this could happen, and he called for help, which led Kratos to run to their aid and heal the wound that Lloyd had.

Because Senel found the scene, he was arrested on suspicion for attempted murder against Lloyd. Phoenix Wright took on the case while Kratos worked on trying to determine the real near-killer. Lloyd, meanwhile, lost his memory from Symphonia's end to that time, which was bad considering a whole year had passed since then.

The close-knit circle of friends knew that Dahlia did it, yet they had no proof of this. Finally, Dahlia's sister, Iris, came to testify. She told the jury of Dahlia's links to other crimes and how she had already killed five people. Dahlia threatened her, yet there was nothing she could do to stop her. She was soon arrested, and Iris was introduced to the Academy of Palmacosta.

Lloyd and Iris grew closer and closer until the two of them announced that they were officially dating. The two were very close, enough so that they seemed to be the envy of other couples. Eight months into their relationship, Lloyd was thrown into the Dressing Room.

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