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Senel Coolidge |High School AU

Age: 17

Occupation: student


Senel was put into foster care at a young age and shuffled from house to house. As he was combative and angry, no one wanted to keep him for long until at twelve he ended up at the home of the Fennes family. He met their two daughters, Stella and Shirley, and for the first time had real friends. Though he still had problems from his past, the Fennes family, most especially the two girls, grew to love him. They began making plans to permanently adopt him.

But Senel's life seemed to be doomed to tragedy. When Senel was 14, while driving home one day the family car was struck by a truck that swerved into the other lane. Mr. and Mrs. Fennes were killed instantly, and Stella fell into a deep coma from her injuries. The doctors told Senel and Shirley that she might never wake up.

Now orphaned, Shirley was sent to the house of her mother's older brother Maurits, and Senel was going to be sent on to another foster family until Shirley's pleading convinced her uncle to take him in as well. Shirley's relatives are rich and elitist and never entirely approved of the Fennes in the first place, so Senel was obviously unwelcome from the start. At Maurits' Senel is treated as an outsider despite having lived there for three years now, dealing with the scorn of Shirley's cousins and still scarred deeply by Stella's situation. He spends weekends by her bedside.

Even worse than the new living situation, though, was the news that followed not long after the accident. During the months that followed Shirley began to appear sick, and she was eventually diagnosed with leukemia. Senel was understandably terrified. He'd lost the people he'd considered parents, probably would lose the girl he loved, and now his little sister was facing terminal illness as well. Senel soon became incredibly protective of Shirley, overseeing her medication and helping her in whatever way he can. He doesn't want to think about losing his last family.

Recently, though, life has brightened because of the group of friends he's finally made. Looking after Shirley has made him more responsible and the only trouble he gets into now is for her sake (or the fault of Norma or Moses.) Senel intends to eventually join the Coast Guard after graduating and leave Maurits' house for good, though he is reluctant to leave Stella and Shirley behind.









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