NAME: Shirley "Lachinia"
AGE: 19
HAIR: blond
EYES: blue
WEAPON: hand to hand.


Shirley Fennes lived her life out as she was destined to until she was 15. It was at this time that Shirley was abudcted in the middle of the night by a Gadorian spy whom infiltrated the Ferines village. The Gadorians, who feared her power as a weapon of great power and destruction, brought Shirley back to Gadoria in such a hasty manner that the Ferines, along with her friends and brother, had no time to react, and no idea where she could have disappeared to.

Rather than the expected cruelty, the Gadorians treated her properly, gave her everything she could possibly desire, and saw to her protection, but Shirley longed for home, where Senel was, and Chloe, Norma, and company were. Shirley knew that they would be worrying. However, the idea of returning home was rejected and shut down immediately after it was proposed to the King of Gadoria by Shirley herself.

Shirley rarely left the safety of the castle, unsure of the world outside, and the dreams of home grew more and more foggy. The only face she could remember was that of Senel's, and the only emotion she could associate with it was heartbreak. When her distressed state led to her growing ill with homesickness, the King ordered unto Shirley a counselor.

It took a full year of convincing and beating down the shield that Shirley valiently upheld, but she could no longer keep herself from the "truth": that rather than being kidnapped, Senel and his friends sent her away against her will. At first, the idea was shunned and ignored. But the turmoil that her mind had been set into had begun to scramble for reason to her question: why am i here.And as ridiculous as it had sounded at first, she began to revolve her "reason" around it, and created a story in her own mind that made sense. An answer to her question was finally found.

Shirley untied her braids and pulled her flowers from her hair, both of which were discarded and forgotten to her. They were the only things oof her self image that could remind her of a life that was forced away from her.

To this day, basing her feelings upon her story, Shirley has developed a hatred for Senel. For the Ferines, who abandoned her. Her only companions inside the castle were doves. Since Shirley was abducted before she could complete the Rite, and she couldn't use her eres, to pass time in the castle Shirley was taught hand-to-hand combat.

Under a new last name, Shirley lived in the castle until the door to her bedroom led her to the middle of a new world..


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