I'll be lazy and just copy/paste what I had on the old wiki.

I love roleplaying. I've been roleplaying almost as long as I've been writing, and the two intermingled around the same time I discovered the internet. I used to roleplay anime characters a little bit, but that fell away as I played more video games and strayed away from TV and anime shows. So now I seem to exclusively roleplay video game characters, Tales characters being the obvious favorite for ... years, now.

I've played all of the Tales games to make it to the States -- Phantasia, Destiny, Eternia, Symphonia, Legendia, Abyss, World: Radiant Mythology. Legendia is my current favorite because the characters are awesome and quirky and so characteristically flawed, and the world is fascinating because so much of it is left to the imagination. It also helps that I haven't finished the game (character quests) yet, so I'm in this suspended mode where I can't get over the game until I've finished playing it. That would explain why Abyss isn't nearly as interesting to me as it was a year ago.

I love playing characters that speak to me personally, and who I feel comfortable seeing things from their perspective over. My tendency, as far as Tales games go, is towards the younger, emotionally unstable boys who end up dead. =| Don't believe me? Look at my character list. Playing emotionally unstable (or immature, for that matter) boys leads to a lot of funny situations that can actually happen simply because they could initiate the funny situation singlehandedly. I enjoy their flexibility, being able to react with a drywall or irate expression depending on the situation, and then turning around and having an angsty monologue. They rarely get boring, especially if their environment keeps changing.

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