Basic InformationEdit

Name: Kratos Aurion

Username: blame_your_fate

Game: Tales of Symphonia

RP: None

Played by: Kyosuke

Age: 28 (+4000)

Height: 6'1" / 186 cm

Weight: 173 lbs / 78 kg

Hair: Red

Eyes: Brown

Birthplace: Unknown

Weapon: Longswords, Daggers, Flamberge. (Currently holds the Last Fencer)

Occupation: Mercernary

Background InformationEdit

In-game HistoryEdit


Point in CanonEdit

Kratos hails from post-game. He was drifting on Derris-Kharlan, when he found himself in the Dressing Room.


Iiiiihh. Kratos is cold. And stoic. And SRSBIZNESS. But he does secretly care about things, and has a soft side. It's hidden somewhere his spiky mop of hair, we believe.


Dressing RoomEdit

[tomatoesareicky | Baby!Lloyd] : tomatoesareicky : A younger version of Kratos' son, Lloyd. He is currently of age 3. For reasons seemingly unknown, he's taken upon himself to watch over this Lloyd.

Yuan : renegade_wings : A Yuan hailing from Luceti. Kratos discovered Yuan harassing Baby Lloyd, and after lecturing him on it, the two sparred, and nearly killed each other in the end, were it not for Martel saving them with a Healing Circle.

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