Name: (Tiny!) Dhaos, Prince of Elusion.

Username: Chibi-nay-shun

Game: Tales of Phantasia.

Played by: Meowzy.

Age: 9.

Hair: Blonde.

Eyes: Blue.

Birthplace: The Kingdom of Palace Sedam.

Weapon: Cuteness. He's only nine, after all.

Occupation: In training to become Elusion's new ruler.

History Edit

Dhaos was born as a Prince in the kingdom of Palace Sedam, more commonly known as just Sedam. Along with (Palace) Gudra, Sedam was one of the main countries of Derris-Kharlan. Gudra had reached the pinnacle of Magitechnology research, yet because the people of Sedam lived more bountiful lives, Gudra was growing jealous. Many people were already starting to suspect a war was imminent.

Yet more trouble was abrewin' on Derris-Kharlan, as not all kingdoms prospered as well as Sedam and Gudra. Elusion had recently lost its ruler, as well as the heir who was next in line for the throne, leaving them with a bit of a problem. All important decisions were made by the head of the military, but the people wouldn't stand for that; One with royal blood would need to take the throne. Sedam, closest to Elusion and allied with it, saw but one way to lend their aid.

Prince Dhaos, at the age of seven, was sent to Elusion to become its future ruler. At first, he was distraught over being torn from his own country and left in the hands of strangers who had such great expectations of him. However, he soon found there was one person he could rely on. Lord Kratos Aurion, one of the legendary Four Seraphim and guardian of the Great Kharlan Tree, had taken it upon himself to give Elusion and its new ruler a little shove in the right direction. He became Prince Dhaos' teacher in swordsmanship, magic and political matters. While a strict tutor, he would always show compassion and share tales about his home world, the legendary planet Aselia, and its Yggdrasill Tree.

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