'EY JAY! Y'GOTTA WRITE 'BOUT YERSELF 'R EVERYONE'LL THINK YER BORING! Well I guess sometimes y'are, but Y'don't want that, d'ya?

Lemme tell y'about Jay! He's a real bookwormy kinna guy. He actually reads books in the lib'ry! He c'n read an' write an' everything! He must'a had a good teach'r or something... but 'e was a jerk. 'e's not s'possed to talk t'folks or not do what th' old guy says? That ain't right! I "dis'bey" all th' time an' I don't get punished!

Jay's also good at fightin'. He knows kung fu an' stuff! I ain't ever seen 'im fight a monster, but he once almost twisted m'wrist right off! 'M glad he's on our side!

Oh right! Our side! Jay's a Red Wolf through and through! So don't any 'f you other guys think about messin' with 'im 'r yer gonna be dealin' with Moses Sandor an' th' biggest, baddest gang around!

... ah. Moses has defaced my "page"...

I am not supposed to talk about myself... so I have nothing to say.


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