A male version of Colette Brunel- Colet Brunel. It's pronounced co-lay, hence the journal name.


His history is remarkably similar to his female self's. He was the Chosen, who would be protected and eventually save the world... however, he was also a little boy. Thankfully, he had Lloyd and Genis to play with. They would go on adventures, study together, and practice together. Lloyd was so strong, and Genis was so smart... and Colet was just Colet. Colet was cute, fragile-looking, and soft-spoken. It's no surprised he latched onto his role as the Chosen. Even if it meant his life, the role of the Chosen set him apart.

Being the Chosen also let him meet the angel Remiel. With the aid of Lloyd, Genis, and Kratos, the Tower of Salvation was granted to Sylvarant. It was time for Colet to begin his journey... but he wanted to protect Lloyd and Genis. So he, Kratos, and Professor Sage left for Triet. And he ended up here.

'Manly Pride'Edit

If you haven't noticed, Colet is girly. Upon seeing him, most reactions are "Colette got a haircut?" Because of this, any masculine pride he once had is gone. He just quickly interjects that he's actually a boy. He's much quicker about it recently, because every other Colette is female... and he's freaked out that his female self is marrying Lloyd.

He's potentially queer. After all, he is played by Sarah who is a faggot. He insists he's not, and may or may not have been staring at a Sheena's cleavage (Can you really blame him?).



ptticlochard The first person Colet met in the dressing room. Corrine introduced Colet to the idea of Tethe'alla and the second Chosen. Colet doesn't quite get it yet... but Corrine is friendly enough!


reviverser It's... It's a girl him. The idea breaks Colet's brain a little, but... he can't dislike her. He secretly thinks a girl him is kind of cute.


twin_swords It's not the Lloyd he knows, it's the Lloyd... marrying his girl self. That freaks Colet out, but... Lloyd is Lloyd. He's still a very dear friend.


renegade_lynn So far, Colet doesn't realize that this is a girl!Lloyd. But he does know she called him "Colin," and he's... curious. Besides, Colet wants to be friends with everyone.


Anonymous, although not canon, is certainly counted. After all, Anonymous- in the TODR Kink Meme- often made Colet cry like the little girl he secretly is.

More to be added.

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