Koga is an AU version of Guy's replica. He's distinguishable due to his cat ears and child-like nature.



Name: Koga
Physical Age: 14 years old
Mental Age: 3 months old
Height: 5'6
Weight: 100 lbs
Hair: Blond
Eyes: Blue
Birthplace: Hod, Replica Labs
Occupation: Personal Cuddle Toy Lab Assistant


Koga is the first replica of Gailardia Galan Gardios, the heir to the Gardios estate. The reason he was created was so that Gailardia could handle more projects than what he could on his own. However, the data extracted from him was accidentally mixed in together with one of the earlier test subjects, a cat by the name of Koga, who died during the experiment. Hence, when he was replicated, they were surprised to find the replica to have cat ears and a tail. He was instantly rejected, and was supposed to be disposed of. However, because he was the first successful humanoid replica that Dist has created, the fontech genius decided to keep the replica inside the labs as his assistant. He gave the name of the cat to the replica, Koga, in memory of the deceased animal. He was taught efficiently in the ways of fontech, and spoiled immensely by his master. He wasn't allowed outside the laboratory, so he doesn't know anyone aside from Dist.

It was three months later, while Koga was taking a nap, that he was brought into the Dressing Room, which he still believes is the replica facility he lives in.


Koga is 14 years old physically, having been created on the 14th birthday of Gailardia. He has messy, short blond hair, which is slightly longer than canon!Guy's hair, and blue eyes. He wears anything, whether it be a boy's or a girl's clothes, because he doesn't know the difference between genders.


When Koga first appeared, he had been extremely terrified to actually find people. He had thought he was kidnapped by co-lay, and they had a very silly misunderstanding until he saw Dist, who he had mistaken as his master. He is a very cheerful cat, with an insatiable curiosity. He likes to hug and tackle people at random, so it surprises anyone who doesn't know his background at all. He's also convinced that he's still in the lab, and that it had expanded in size.
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