Basic Edit

Name: Ion
Username: fonon_master
Series: Tales of the Abyss
Age: 12+, going on to 13
Height: A little taller than Anise now
Hair: Green
Eyes: Green
Birthdate: He appeared on Luceti on March 7th, thus that's his birthdate and his zodiac would be Pisces.
Birthplace: Daath.
Weapon: Daathic Artes
Occupation: Fon Master, he's the only one who can read the Score

Background Edit

There's a gaiden book and page on him.

DressingRoom Edit

He first appeared on the dressingroom asking people if they seen his pet Mohs. Obvious irony joke is obvious.

Personality & behaviorEdit

This is Ion is strange and odd. It is due to the realization that he's growing past 12 and is no longer infected with the Score's disease. Although mildly psychotic, he does not respect life yet he has no wish to take it away. Also because I, the mun, knew that for every replica I encounter, no mun express wishes for their cutesy replicas to die, so I have to leave their character alone...but I can bully them.

This Ion restrained a lot of himself, relying on calmness and unreadable smiles to get through tight situations. Most of the time he's laid-back, chilling, trolling, and be a total insensitive jerk to the innocents everywhere. He is used to being alone all the time and does not like to take care of others. Because of his loneliness, he may come off as selfish, stand-offish, cold, and rude. He plastered his criticism with a reserved politeness and wicked smile. He never trusts anyone other than Van and Arietta, but nowadays his trust and faith in anyone becomes murky.

He likes to be spoiled like a child he never was.

Likes Edit

What to do to raise his heart level:

  • Talk to him frequently. His most favorite subject is himself. If seriously you ask what he likes or compliment on his cuteness instead of telling him "I'll protect you", "New world", "Score", or anything politically related he'll shat bricks. He's also fascinated with parental figures.
  • Reckless display of bravery and courage, because that's where things do get bloody (he actually admires the main heroes in the dressing room). He doesn't like meek people.
  • Rocks, pebbles or gald coins to shamelessly throw at people or fountains.
  • Cheesecake, cake, milk tea, pastries
  • Give him stuffed animals to mess with, needles or sharp objects included. (He currently picked up a hobby of voodoo just for fun...). His favorite types of stuffed animals to torture are ligers and cheagles.
  • Precious Gems...emeralds or green in color. Do this occasionally. Don't forget to add in a poem.

Dislikes Edit

  • Insects (easily crushed)
  • Flowers (too weak)
  • Trash (obviously)
  • Weepy, meek people (because you're going to remind him how weak he once was)

Relationships Edit

0000116d→ Dislike/Hate/Has never met/Neutral/Indifferent
000042dh→ Standard//Acquaintance/People you talk to
00002prw→ People considered as friends/Like to talk with
00003f6t→ People considered as good friends/Like to talk with a lot
000077ey→ BFFs/Crush
0000510c→ Family/Dating/Mutually like each other
000064zy→ In-love//Engaged/Married (YOU'LL NEVER REACH THIS LEVEL WITH ION. NEVAAAAAAR...okay it's not impossible...)
Yes, you can use this guideline for your character profiles too. Just hit "Edit this page" and then copy and paste. Hell yeah, Harvest Moon!

Dressing Room only
The Score: Hee-hee.
Those who defy the Score: Oh, yeah? Tell me about it. I love interesting stories.
scoresbig: 000077ey 4eva! Just kidding it's really 00002prw. Mohs. Fatty McFat who can't get enough of a Big Mac. Ion knows what he's up to, but what a fat man can do? Eat him whole?
totamethewild: 000042dh
liger_hime: 0000116d
misfrequency: 00002prw. AU Ion. HE APPROVES.

Other places//past relationships from the past
Only people he met for the last 3 months, once spoken with, or lost contact with.
Van: Was once 000077ey and now it's down to 00003f6t because of Luke.
Replica!Ion: 00002prw
Florian: Never met or talk with.
Sync: 000042dh, lol he's funny. Dude needs to chill out
Anise: 000042dh, she only hangs out with replica!Ion :[
Luke: 0000116d, what's wrong with you? You talk to the replica yet pass me over. Can you tell the difference or something? Oh, right you're the main character lulz.

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