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Kvar in the OVA.

Name: Kvar
Username: getscraftier
Series: Tales of Symphonia
Age: idk
Height: 6'0"?
Hair: It's a weird...silver blond...thing.
Eyes: NO.
Birthdate: October 31st
Birthplace: what
Weapon: Staff thing
Occupation: Grand Cardinal, which means you can get away with being an asshole. Thought not really.

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Kvar is pretty much the only Cardinal with a history besides Forcystus, and Kvar's is actually more then a sentence long which is something to say about the Grand Cardinals. He started the Angelus Project by finding some random woman named Anna, was doing a good job until Kratty became a chubby chaser and ran off with her. Kvar went "Seraph stole my Angelus Project!" and sent zerg rush of desians kekeke after them for a few years until Anna said "Fuck this shit" and mutated into a green thing. She then exploded, and Kvar was sad because he never found the exsphere.

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When the heroes barged into his Ranch and demanded his name he started talking smack about Lloyd's mom while he was giving a tour of the factory. The heroes then snuck back in, beat his ass for talking shit, and Kratos permabanned him all together.

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