Chloe Valens


Tales of Legendia
Age / Birthday / Sign
12 13 / August 20th / Leo
Knight, Iron Eren
Bruce Valens (father; deceased), Adele Valens (mother; deceased)
Human (Orerines)
Birthplace / Current Residence
Gadoria / Musette's Mansion
Hair / Eyes / Height
Dark brown; virtually black / Hazel / 4'10"
Point in Canon
Tiny Moses (current boyfriend), Moses, Moses, Jay?

Chloe Valens (often referred to as Little c by Norma and the muns), 12 now 13 years old, is a pre-game canon character immediately following the murder of her parents. Because of this, while she still has the same desires for revenge as a Chloe normally would, she's yet to remove herself from her noble upbringing and femininity. Being immediately encountered with many friends after losing her parents is also a key aspect which has so far made her personality and actions greatly contrast the usual Chloe's.

She isn't even in love with Senel. Actually, it's much worse; she's in love with Moses instead. She's something of a problem child, though no matter what, she always refers to everyone by "sir" or "madam". Shin is her mun. She has no other RP affiliation other than the Tales of Dressing Room. Chloe arrived in the Dressing Room on March 24th, 2008.

Background InformationEdit

In-game HistoryEdit

(actually most of this is fanon history because the actual game only gave bare-bones details about Chloe's past)

Chloe was born to Bruce and Adele Valens and was raised in Gadoria by this noble family. Her father, was a skilled swordsman, as his father, father before him, and so on carried on a lineage of knighthood. Chloe, however, was more like her mother and never intended to take up the sword at any point in her lifetime. She had an interest in cooking, cleaning, and sewing to essentially prepare her for what she expected would be the rest of her life once she married and bore children at the age of fifteen, which was the age of consent in her society. She was also highly interested in fashion and was often looked highly upon by her peers for her quality of wardrobe, as well as her long, beautiful hair, which she always prided herself on. Chloe made a hobby out of spending extra time to make things look neat and aesthetically pleasing. She was a witness to several friends and neighbors of hers getting married off at a young age, and figured it would only be a matter of time before the man of her dreams swept her off her feet and start a family of their own.

However, in high society, many arranged marriages were between young women and much older men, mainly for monetary purposes between the families regardless if the husband and wife actually loved each other. Chloe figured her situation to be unique in that the House of Valens was always a wealthy and highly-revered commodity and would never have a need for a marriage solely based for monetary gain. So, Chloe set her goals high and promised herself she would only marry for love. This is not to say she would not marry a man due to a large age gap; she had seen some marriages with age gaps work splendidly despite the initial causes for union. Her actions later on would prove that her tastes in men can be quite questionable at times, but Chloe's love was always pure and unconditional for everyone she knew. For their services in combat, not to mention their general charitable nature and humane treatment of the common folk, the Valens family was widely-loved and respected throughout Gadoria.

However, everything changed for Chloe one rainy night. While out with her parents on their way back from a party in their carriage, a thief recklessly attacked the family for their money. Not even giving Chloe's parents the chance to respond (or defend themselves), he killed both of them on the spot right before Chloe's eyes. Devastated and still in shock of the tragedy, Chloe only memorized minimal details of the assailant before she blacked out. Most notably, she remembered the man had a snake tattoo on his arm. After Chloe recovered from passing out, she found herself still outside, but in a completely different area with no rain, no criminal, no bloody corpses, and no carriage. It was at this point she figured that her parents' murderer had killed her off as well and sent her to the afterlife, when in reality, she was instantaneously sent to the Dressing Room.

Dressing RoomEdit

Initiation and Early Events during her YouthEdit

Chloe's life took a drastically different path in her life from the usual Chloe as a result of her being brought into the Dressing Room so young. Immediately upon her arrival, she met Moses Sandor, Jay, Colette Brunel, Stella Coolidge, Norma Beatty, Senel Coolidge, and a child version of Jay. Once she was reassured that she had not been sent to the afterlife, Chloe became upset as she realized she was effectively orphaned and had no way of finding the perpetrator or even to find the remains of her parents to give a proper burial. However, people like Colette were willing to take her in until she could find a way to form her own independent, stable residence while Jay inspired her to dedicate her life to becoming a stronger person; to fight injustices brought to others like her in this world, as there were no means of escaping, and even then, Chloe would not have much of a home to come back to.

Moses, the first person she met in the Dressing Room, promised her a camping trip. Realizing the two of them came from opposite ends of the social spectrum and realizing she needed to open her mind to other points of view and ways of life, Chloe agreed to this and quickly grew attached to Moses, despite his lack of a shirt, odor, and horribly mangled accent. Almost everyone Chloe met in the Dressing Room turned out to be friends of hers that she would apparently meet some time in the future. Because of the drastic differences between the young Chloe and the seventeen year-old Chloe, many people openly commented on Chloe's differences, usually in a negative light. It was discouraging for Chloe, making her believe she had to change herself completely in order to be accepted by her future friends. This was a large part that drove her to engage in a rough camping trip with Moses, even though such an activity was contrary to her nature. But for acceptance, Chloe was willing to endure everything, though often did not go about it the right way. It was notable that Moses was one of the very few people who did not judge Chloe based on how he knew her in his time. Knowing in less than three years' time she would be expected to find herself a husband as per her parents' wishes and her own, Moses ended up being Chloe's long-term goal when she would become of age. While she wanted to to whatever it took to avenge her parents, Chloe also considered how they might have thought of her if she lost too many of her own attributes for the sole sake of revenge. She wanted to honor the wishes of her parents while they were alive, resulting in Chloe taking the matter of finding a decent candidate for a husband very seriously; far more seriously than the rest of the Dressing Room thought she should be taking it.

Chloe's focus was not solely on finding a mate, though. She followed in her father's footsteps to begin the path that would eventually lead her to knighthood. The problem was that she had a hard time finding people to train with, although she at least managed to obtain a plastic sword (no shopkeep would give the preteen girl a real sword) and learned how to control her iron eres thanks to Senel. After learning basic sword techniques from Luke, Chloe let her imagination run wild and for the majority of the time taught herself how to use a sword. Having the advantage of iron eres at least enabled her to do some amount of damage, no matter how painfully a rookie she was.

It took a while for Chloe to adjust to the swordsman style, and even conceded to wear more tomboyish clothes in order to move better while she trained. But, in her typical manner, Chloe always made sure she was still fashionable and aesthetically pleasing, even if she was doing the dirtiest of work. She wanted to sharpen her skills and accustom herself to a life like Moses' as quickly as possible before they were to go camping, but the camping trip never happened. At least, not from this particular Moses. Even after Moses disappeared inexplicably from the Dressing Room, Chloe remained optimistic that he was alright and that he would eventually return to follow through with his promise. She started to go on excursions in the woods by herself, which led to occasional blunders that her friends would have to help her recover from. Slowly but surely, she grew adjusted to the more liberal natures of her friends, especially Norma, and started confiding in the cheerful crystal eren when it came to her concerns about men and love. However, it was also Norma who "tainted" Chloe in a way, informing her precisely of how different she would be in the future; literally looking almost like a man despite having a well-developed body, unmarried with not as much as a boyfriend, but in fact turned out to be lesbian. Norma was exaggerating, of course, as she was referring to Elsa; a young girl who had a one-sided crush on Chloe in the canon timeline. The very idea of homosexuality frightened Chloe enough to cement her into a path that would make herself as dissimilar to the usual Chloe as humanly possible. Ironically, the young Chloe would grow to become more accepting of alternate sexual orientations as time went by than her older self.

The Growth Spurt and its ConsequencesEdit

One day, she happened upon a man by the name of Jade Curtiss who was looking for candidates for his various experiments in scientific research. Being the charitable (and naive) person she was, Chloe volunteered to be one of Jade's test subjects. Everyone who consented to Jade's work ended up different in varying ways from gender changes and even species changes, but Chloe's end result was becoming artificially aged to seventeen, the same age as her usual canon counterpart, while still having the mind of a twelve year-old.

This was the catalyst that begun to change Chloe for the worse. Being overwhelmed in a much older and more developed body with hormones and intense, almost out-of-control feelings, Chloe had a difficult time adjusting. However, Jade disappeared by the time Chloe informed Senel of what had transpired and despite several attempts to find alternative methods to restore Chloe to her natural age, he was always met with failure. Chloe eventually resigned to her supposed fate; that she would be artificially aged for the rest of her life and decided she might as well start learning how to act seventeen, while still continuing her knight training. But then it occurred to her that she was now two years past her expected married age, and she begun to panic as her innocent girl-crush on Moses became utter fascination - she was determined to make him her husband. This led to a series of attempts to impress him, as well as to prove to Senel and the others that she could handle being seventeen. The only one who was supportive of this change in the young Chloe was Norma, who gave Chloe even more advanced advice in how to capture Moses' heart. However, the Moses Chloe was actually pursuing had long since vanished, so rather than praise and approval, Chloe's attempts to prove her maturity resulted in disapproval and mocking from her peers.

Because she appeared grown-up, it was easier for Chloe to obtain a real sword, and her new body granted her much more strength and efficiency in battle than before. She came to the conclusion that she could achieve knighthood and the rest of her goals more easily this way, and with that in mind, Chloe quickly and happily accepted her new bodily conditions whilst Senel persisted in the background to find a way to change Chloe back.

As her strength grew, so did her arrogance. It came to a point where she was able to take on four (relatively weak) monsters all at once. She was almost able to kill them all without anyone else's assistance, but the final beast backed her against the edge of a cliff, wherein below resided the ocean hosting the spirit of Raging Nerifes; an angry spirit that indiscriminately attacked humans unfortunate enough to fall into its watery depths. Chloe at the time was unaware of her surroundings, and was only focused on slaying the final monster. However, it pounced on her; its weight enough to knock Chloe off the edge of the cliff, sending her careening towards the sea. Raging Nerifes was ruthless from the very beginning and gave Chloe severe injuries, including blunt force trauma from smashing waves onto Chloe against a rock. Had it not been for Norma and Stella being nearby at the time to notice what was happening, Chloe would have died that day. After some advanced healing and CPR, Chloe was saved, but the incident left a mental scar on her that would not easily go away; the fear of water - hydrophobia.

The incident humbled Chloe, thinking of herself as ridiculous for fearing water, yet was unable to even go near large bodies of it; even when facing the much more peaceful ocean on the other side of the country, Quiet Nerifes. She hated herself for being so weak, and for the first time started having severe doubts about living up to the standards that her friends expected of her. To make matters worse, while rehabbing her injuries, Chloe happened upon Shirley Fennes; a Shirley that had gone psychotic with furious rage against the Orerines, not unlike Raging Nerifes itself. Chloe had met a couple of Shirleys before and had gotten along with them, but this Shirley brutally attacked her with a Tidal Wave spell after feigning friendliness, causing Chloe to relive the recent trauma and rendering her powerless against Shirley. To be reduced to this, Shirley found it too humorous to even kill her off, but parted with words that reinforced what Chloe was already thinking of herself: that she was worthless and weak. From this moment on, Chloe learned that almost all Shirleys were capable of this power and made sure to avoid any Shirley (regardless of mental state/morality) after that point.

These combined incidents led to a long period of depression for Chloe. Although people like Stahn Aileron and Norma attempted to cheer her up, she couldn't quite get over what happened. At one point Chloe consented to Senel that she should return to her natural age, as her failure in overcoming the water made her believe that she was incapable of becoming what she dreamed to be, and with no Moses around, she had no potential husband to pursue (and could not seem to get herself to fall in love with anyone else). Regardless of her cooperation, Senel still could not find a cure for her, and Chloe remained artificially seventeen and miserable. She even went as far to believe she deserved to die out in the sea. However, everything changed for her when something completely unexpected entered her life: the genuine seventeen year-old Chloe Valens had wound up in the Dressing Room, and finally the younger Chloe could see for herself what her peers expected out of her when she came of age.

Meeting HerselfEdit

What she saw shocked her, and not necessarily in a good way. She knew ahead of time that this Chloe would be short-haired and somewhat fashion-impaired, but seeing what was essentially herself up close and personal with these changes struck fear into Chloe's heart. Nonetheless, they held civil conversations at first (plus Chloe was not informed of her younger self's artificial aging incident, which required some extra explanation), but the young Chloe was dismayed at the differences in opinion that her other self held; especially when it came to the point of viewing Moses as the perfect husband, which the old Chloe, who was in love with Senel instead, never considered Moses as anything but a friend and questioned her younger self's logic. She also did not agree with accepting the artificial aging, believing it would be better for her younger self to live the five years she skipped to better her character. But to make it up to her, Chloe agreed to be the official tutor for her younger self's sword training. While the older Chloe omitted many details from her experiences (with good reason), finally having a teacher, and getting to see first-hand what kind of potential she could have within the next five years invigorated the young Chloe and revived her fighting spirit.

The younger Chloe wished to be as equally helpful to her older counterpart, and quickly felt the need to do so when she noticed the older one seeming depressed about something, but not saying what. It was Senel who finally enlightened her, explaining that the older Chloe was suffering from unrequited love. Imagining the heartache her double was going through in addition to being the age she was and failed at settling down with a family as she and her parents originally wanted, the younger Chloe was determined to discreetly find a method to set her older self free from the chains of unrequited love and find another man. Older Chloe noticed her scheming but didn't find out who it was for. But when Senel witnessed the lengths the younger Chloe was willing to go in order to rectify the situation, he broke down and confessed that the older Chloe was in love with him. The younger Chloe couldn't comprehend it initially, having met this Senel when he was already married to Stella with their child on the way. When she learned of Stella being dead in Chloe's world, therefore leaving Senel unmarried and childless, Chloe came to understand the situation. The older Chloe and Senel were practically best friends; and when the younger Chloe learned of these details, she became enraged that Senel would sit by and let his friend suffer without confronting her. She demanded that Senel immediately confront her older self on the matter so that she would not have to bother with hiding her unrequited feelings any longer, enabling her to consider men other than Senel for romantic pursuits. While Senel tried to argue against it, the younger Chloe talked him into doing it when she pointed out how horrible it was for him to hide behind his marriage while his best friend was suffering. She believed that Senel was the only one who could set the other Chloe free. The younger Chloe considered it a great accomplishment that she could talk Senel into actually following her advice (or rather, her orders by the way she worded it) and thought that this confrontation would be a breakthrough for both of them, ultimately leading them to happier lives and a healthier friendship.

The result likely did more harm than good, at least when it came to the younger Chloe's relationship with her older self and Senel. Both seemed content in ignoring their problems and seemed flustered/annoyed with the younger Chloe's meddling, but her intentions were pure and still believes that this was necessary for both of them before Senel became a father and would no longer have time to focus on settling matters of unrequited love to his best friend. Their lack of appreciation for the younger Chloe's efforts is what caused the younger Chloe to consider that perhaps these two were not such admirable people after all, and that it would be a severe mistake to allow herself to grow up to be just like this particular Chloe.

Little c's RecklessnessEdit

The downward spiral of the younger Chloe's integrity continued as Vaclav suddenly attacked the city, resulting in Emperor Peony Upala Malkuth IX issuing a draft for all capable fighters to defend their home. Though Vaclav is technically from Chloe's world, the young Chloe had not yet met him, therefore knew nothing of his history, his abilities, or his power. Still yet, determined to prove herself and believing a month's worth of self-training was enough to make her an asset to the army, she lied to the Emperor about her level of expertise and he allowed her to join the fight. She encountered another Senel, one who wasn't as familiar with any Chloe in his world, in the fight and tagged along with him to take down some grunts. But due to the nature of the battle, the two were soon separated. Even not knowing this Chloe well, Senel suspected she was not prepared for this kind of combat and informed the other Senel and Chloe about her being a participant in the war; naturally, this angered the two and they set out to find her. They found her surrounded by soldiers. Despite the odds, the younger Chloe was holding up fairly well (though she had sustained injuries) but definitely would not have survived the onslaught if the two Senels and other Chloe had not come in to thin out the numbers of Vaclav's minions. The younger Chloe was extremely offended at the others' insistence to cut into her action, knowing they were purposely going for any soldier she was fighting already so that she would eventually be cut out of the battle completely. She even had the gall to complain about it in the midst of battle, suspecting Senel and the older Chloe of doing this on purpose, but they would not pay heed to her words and promptly scolded her for thrusting herself into a situation she clearly wasn't ready for. Stubborn as ever, the younger Chloe disagreed with them and assumed the two were still sour at her for prompting their awkward moment not so long ago, thusly interfering with her life out of spite.

She was tricked into returning to Musette's Mansion after some scheming between Senel and the Oresoren version of Leon Magnus, effectively removing her from the battleground for the rest of the war. Although both Senel and the older Chloe sustained severe injuries in battle (Chloe even had the distinct honor of finishing off Vaclav herself), younger Chloe remained angry at both of them for being so condescending to her. After the war, the Chloes had their first bitter argument. Both exchanged very harsh words, the older Chloe going as far as calling her younger self a worthless idiot, whilst the younger Chloe frequently brought up her older self's unrequited love issues as a means of trying to prove that she too has issues with controlling her emotions. After hitting several sore spots in each others' weak points, the older Chloe suddenly demanded that her young counterpart surrender her sword immediately. Immediately on the defensive, the younger Chloe refused and was willing to run away just to make sure that her older self would not touch her weapon. The two managed to compromise, as the older Chloe did not want the younger one running out where it was still potentially dangerous, by promising to not take her sword if she would just remain at Musette's, free to avoid her as much as possible. It was the beginning of what was seen as an ironic relationship between past and present forms of the same person: in most situations in the Dressing Room, the younger version of a character would often admire who they turn out to be upon growing up. The young Chloe, on the other hand, was embarrassed of her older self and more than ever before determined not to become her. Conversely, the older Chloe was in awe of how undisciplined her younger self had become, refusing to believe that this Chloe was even genuine as they continued to feud.

Once it was safe to roam the streets again and repair the city, the younger Chloe encountered her older self on accident while taking a stroll through the streets. She was still paranoid about her sword being taken from her, and for the first time in a while, the younger Chloe had gone back to wearing dresses. Much of this was another argument, with the two completely misinterpreting each other's actions (essentially, both assuming they hated one another solely for being vastly different from each other). But, gradually, the two began to understand each other better once each side explained their actions and reactions. Still concerned about the older Chloe's love life (or lack thereof), the younger one decided to give her some hope that one of the Senels may accept her love after all; namely one she while still at Musette's. It was a bit of an unethical act on the younger Chloe's part to break the confidentiality, but that particular Senel never explicitly told her to keep it a secret and knowing that Chloe was still stuck on her unrequited feelings for Senel, decided that giving her hope would be worth the moral compromise. Chloe was angry that a noble, moralistic woman like her younger self would spread gossip, but also conceded that even Shirley, Senel's "sister", should be with him in the event that there is no Stella for him instead. This lead to another misunderstanding, with the younger Chloe believing her older self to have completely devalued her worth as a woman and a lover so that the older one would deem herself unworthy for any Senel based on the fact that she did not view herself as the ideal woman for him. It turned out the younger Chloe also found herself doubting her worth to Moses, prompting her older self to explain that love is not based on such a system. The older Chloe also made it clear that one could still marry and be a knight at the same time; perhaps not a usual sort of family, but it was possible. It made the younger Chloe feel better to hear this from her older self, though her excitement for one day becoming a wife and mother made the older Chloe feel awkward, as she had not put much thought into that kind of future for herself for a long time.

Ultimately, the two decided to hold off on training together until they could truly understand each other better. The younger Chloe had no time to train by this point, anyway; another Moses had appeared on the scene, and after hearing of Chloe's unfulfilled promise of a camping trip from the long-since departed Moses, he agreed to fill in for his double. Though wary of hearing about the younger Chloe going into the woods when there were reports of evil spirits lurking within at the time, it made Senel and Chloe feel better to know she was not going in alone, and she would not be gone for long. But this was simply the calm before what would be a storm of catastrophic proportions.

Growing up too fastEdit

Moses never saw it coming. While the camping trip initially played out as usual, with Chloe learning the basic necessities of living and surviving in the wilderness (as well as how to forage for food by killing a massive beast), Chloe had ulterior motives now. Prior to the trip, Chloe had a talk with Norma, who gave her advice on how to act and dress around Moses in order to get his attention. Though contrary to Chloe's ideals, she was desperate enough for Moses' love that she followed Norma's advice and invested in a backup outfit looking similar to this, accentuating her features which Moses could not simply ignore no matter how much he wanted to. Chloe fully intended to seduce him and partially succeeded when she finally kissed him; Moses, a man of instinct, actually kissed back. Both were partially nude before Moses managed to control his urges and stop Chloe's advances. Chloe was initially upset, but Moses, knowing that Chloe was having difficult times with the others and could not afford to make another enemy, carefully made his words to Chloe vague. Rather than a straightforward rejection, Moses said he was okay with Chloe's feelings for him, but she was simply going too fast for him to handle. Chloe asked if there was a possibility of them getting further along in the future, pointing out that Moses did return her kiss and fully absorbed the image of the bare-chested Chloe. Moses told her that it would be possible, which greatly relieved the young Chloe. She proposed that they begin courting, starting out slow and innocent before moving onto the heavier, more serious details of a relationship. Moses, however, did not fully understand the definition of courtship and assumed it was merely a glorified friendship. Believing that to be the case, he accepted Chloe's offer and thusly the two were courting... at least in Chloe's perspective.

Excited to finally have Moses the way she wanted, Chloe happily blabbed about her achievements to almost everyone she came across after the trip. Rather than battle-efficient clothing and frilly dresses, Chloe had taken to wear more revealing clothing on a regular basis now. Others, especially the older Chloe, took notice of this and yelled at the young Chloe for going as far as she did at her age. Again, another argument broke out between the Chloes, effectively nullifying their previous truce. The younger Chloe's retorts were even more nasty and personal than before, enraging her older counterpart. Deciding that she had been seventeen for too long and needed immediate intervention before she made a serious mistake, Senel and the older Chloe agreed to find a way to make the young Chloe truly young again. However, the young Chloe had convinced herself that she would be forever seventeen and denied the opportunity to return to her natural age when Senel finally found an alternative method. Moses was confronted when it was revealed that he accepted Chloe's advances, but when he learned what the young Chloe really meant by "courting", he realized he needed to rectify the situation with her. However, he never got the chance to do so.

Quiet Nerifes was the alternative cure for the young Chloe's artificial aging. The problem, of course, was that not only was Chloe unwilling to become a child again, she was still extremely hydrophobic and would not go near an ocean of her own free will. Senel called out the young Chloe to have a casual talk with her and expressed his concerns about her actions. Disgusted that Senel was being just as intolerant as her older self on the matter, the young Chloe attempted to leave, but was caught by Senel just in time and was thrown into the ocean. Though Chloe panicked, she was soon concealed within an air bubble with oxygen, and was able to communicate with the spirit of Quiet Nerifes itself. Chloe feared returning to her natural form, fearing that she would not only lose Moses, but also her usefulness in battle as she would no longer have the body strength that came with a fully-grown body. But like everyone else, Quiet Nerifes found it important above everything else that Chloe naturally live out the five years she skipped, and with its powers, the ocean spirit returned Chloe to her youth; her true age. She washed up on shore as a child, unconscious. Senel and the older Chloe took her back to Musette's and let her rest in bed until she regained her energy.

Coping with the DowngradeEdit

Chloe woke up in a bed, realizing what happened to her was not a dream and she truly was twelve years old again. Severely upset that Senel and her older self succeeded in rendering her a useless, unappealing child (in her perspective), she vowed to never forgive either of them for what they did. She told the other Chloe that she never wanted to see her again, and for the most part, has avoided the older Chloe ever since. Similarly, she expressed her deep hatred for Senel which she assured would not fade away in time. Surprisingly, in both the older Chloe and Senel's cases, the grudge little Chloe held for them is still present in her future self (though future circumstances may have aided in the older little Chloe's continued disdain for these two).

Even though Norma tried to be supportive of Chloe (though considered her stupid for actually telling Senel what she did with Moses), Moses soon disappeared from the Dressing Room, which made little Chloe unable to resolve the issue with him. She did, however, find a replacement bickering partner in Jay, who played a part in setting Moses straight in what he did. Before he disappeared, the first Moses Chloe met made an unexpected return, though Chloe at the time was unaware that this Moses was the one she initially fell in love with. When this Moses found out about what happened while he was gone, in addition to the chaos Chloe's love for him caused, Moses was adamant in confronting Chloe, and unlike the second one, he was not so vague about setting Chloe straight. Once he came across her, he told her straight out that he would only ever see Chloe as a sister-like figure to him, even if he could not speak for his doubles. Even without knowing that this Moses was the one Chloe first fell in love with, this devastated her and little Chloe's self-doubt and inferiority complex almost completely consumed her.

What softened the blow is that she encountered the younger Moses by coincidence. Though he was two years younger than she was, little Chloe found the smaller Moses endearing, and learned that a Norma had told him long ago that he would grow up without a girlfriend; a detail that made little Moses unhappy. Chloe cheered him up in saying that Norma was wrong, and that he would indeed get a very good-looking girlfriend in the future: herself. After assuring little Moses that she would develop a shapely body to Moses' liking and that she was an iron eren like him, the young Moses was excited at the prospect of dating little Chloe in the future. So, Chloe proposed that they begin courting now to better develop their relationship. Moses accepted, and Chloe was now not only the official girlfriend of little Moses, but she was now a member of his Red Wolves gang.

While it was a relief to finally have a Moses in some form, she still regretted losing the Moseses she originally fell in love with, and still felt worthless as a child. It occurred to her that she also never made many friends who were actually her age. She considered trying to interact with her age group more and managed to befriend a young Raine, but still longed to be an adult. She continued to train, determined to not be a useless combatant in future incidents. One day, coming back from a fierce training session that left her rather injured, she surprisingly befriended a Walter and was officially adopted by Madame Musette, like many others have before.

A Turning Point with JayEdit

Though Chloe had a boyfriend, a stable home, and a few friends to make up for the enemies she had made while she was older, the rejection from Moses continued to haunt her. She began to worry if perhaps her little Moses would grow up and reject her as well one day. She had been seventeen years old for so long that the residual effects of her rapidly-developed hormones remained within her, causing her to become even more emotional and unrestrained. Recently turning thirteen did not help matters at all in that area. More determined than ever to not become Chloe, she continued to self-train herself with hopes that she would develop a clear distinction between the two of them, and for once, be seen as the superior Chloe. While she sharpened her skills (using dummies of Senel, Chloe, and Jay to take her rage out upon), Moses and Jay had suddenly entered a relationship despite the several times Jay had insulted Moses, to his face as well as behind his back to Chloe.

Chloe eventually found out about this. Her most beloved man being in a relationship with someone she couldn't stand; someone who never had a good thing to say about either Moses or Chloe, was too much for the young girl to bear. She wanted to know why; she was worried that Moses would be trapped in an abusive relationship with Jay based on his nature, but she came to realize that she really didn't know Jay all that well. And ever since they first met, Jay had gone out of his way to keep Chloe ignorant of his identity, his intentions, and his history. To trash Moses as much as he had, only to end up dating him baffled Chloe and she was desperate to find out why things turned out this way. She even briefly worried that Jay might have feelings for her by virtue of the fact that Jay treated Chloe similarly as he did to Moses. Jay quickly denied it, using the age gap as an excuse, but since then Chloe began to have mixed feelings for Jay. She still hated him for taking Moses away from her (and was only more afraid that the same thing would happen to little Moses, so she warned him about what his older form had done), but Jay's mysterious nature only further intrigued Chloe. For reasons she could not explain she wanted to know what made Jay tick.

Still, she felt anger and sorrow more than anything, and bemoaned her loss. Shortly after that, however, Jay was kidnapped by Solon. When Chloe learned of his abduction through Moses, she inexplicably felt a strong desire to aid in his rescue. However, due to her age and lack of experience, she was forbidden to participate in the operation (though her future self, based on her past desires, was able to join the group in rescuing Jay). While she was left behind, she worried for Jay and felt horrible for every negative thing she said about him. She even went as far as to apologize to Jay for her actions and wished him happiness with Moses (she already wished Moses the same when he announced that he was involved with Jay), promising never to interfere with his love life and would try to never annoy him again. Always curious of his past, she realized that Solon must be more than a mere kidnapper to be able to capture an agile ninja such as Jay. She felt that Solon was an integral piece of Jay's past that Jay himself refused to talk about under any circumstance. Chloe especially felt this to be true when she realized the man she knew as Archon was actually Solon. Chloe was oblivious to Solon the entire time she spent with him, and realized she could have been an easy target for him if he were to kidnap her. The fact that he did not show any interest in her or anyone else other than Jay and his doubles served as even more evidence to Chloe's suspicions. She recalled Solon's appearance; though he physically looked nothing like Jay, he dressed similarly to him and had his hair tied up in a similar ponytail to Jay's.

The details were piecing together in Chloe's mind, and she was close to finding out what really made Jay the person he was today. Most recently, she's confronted the rescued Jay about these suspicions, claiming to have come close in figuring out his past, which Jay repeatedly told her to drop. Chloe refused to listen, however; for months she was determined to know the true Jay, and in time, she just may succeed in that whether or not Jay will ever want her to. But she suspects Jay was severely abused and perhaps might have not had any more of a family than the man who treated him so cruelly. For the young man who inspired her to fight injustices brought to others, Chloe now feels a strong urge to take Solon down. She may not be able to do so, but her future self may be able to do so in her place. Only time will tell.


Chloe was raised a noble, but her family was some what off-beat from the typical noble family since they were charitable and kind to everyone, even the lower-class citizens. She was brought up to regard absolutely everyone (barring a few exceptions) with a "sir" or "madam" formality, following with the male's surname and the female's first name (not unlike the usual Chloe) unless the female is married, in which case she refers to the wife by surname.

Since she initially never intended to take up the sword, Chloe has a typical middle-ages girl mentality where her aspirations did not go far beyond marrying the man of her dreams, settling down with children to continue the Valens line, and manage her family's estate when she became of age. While prim and proper (absolutely despising dirt and grime), Chloe also loved to giggle and gossip and have fun with her friends, where they often talked about boys or what sort of dress is seasonable for wearing.

Chloe was mildly reserved during her noble days, but when she came upon the Dressing Room, her desire for revenge prompted her to become highly outspoken. It also bred a determination within her that made her open to almost any method that would benefit her abilities. Through the influence of her friends (mostly Norma), Chloe became more open-minded to different lifestyles and ways of thinking. Moses was also a major figure of influence that made Chloe want to explore the other the other spectrum of life; the kind bandit made Chloe realize that even rugged, undisciplined men like Moses can be the most genuine people in the world, even moreso than her higher-class brethren. However, Chloe always had a problem of rarely thinking things through and would often fly into new experiences, ignorant of the present risks (possibly due to her lack of knowledge about the world outside of her rich neighborhood). This ranged from getting herself trapped in a bog to getting cornered against a cliff by monsters, but for every blunder she made, Chloe tries to shake them off and simply try harder next time.

The problem is, Chloe has a hard time recognizing her own flaws. She comes off as arrogant and hot-headed, not to mention extremely judgmental of others (a remnant from her noble peers' influence) and very, very nosy. She has little regard for the privacy of others and is rather loose-lipped whenever she learns something about someone else or has an amazing, controversial experience of her own (namely, her intimate moment with Moses in the woods). She's open about who she loves and despises. Often, she is honest to a fault. She has sometimes-unrealistic expectations of others and looks down on them when they fail to appease her; so some may call her spoiled as well. Overall, Chloe wishes to grow up and show the world what she can do and avenge her parents, but she still has a lot to learn, and unfortunately, she isn't a very good listener. She has a long way to go, and while she often means well in whatever she does, more often than not her actions will rub people the wrong way.


Being an Iron Eren, Chloe will eventually be capable of performing the same battle moves as her older counterpart. Seeing as she is still a novice in this class, she can only pull off two moves successfully to date: Demon Fang (which she learned from observing various warriors) and Sword Rain (which she learned from Lloyd Irving).



Moses SandorEdit

Sir Sandor: The first person she met in the Dressing Room. Although he scared her at first with his lack of a shirt, his odor, and the fact that he already knew who she was, Chloe quickly took a liking to him. Moses was kind to Chloe, never judging her or considering her inferior to Chloe's future form, which made him stand out over the rest of Chloe's assumed future friends. His gentlemanly nature combined with his lack of a shirt caused Chloe to quickly fall in love with him, though Moses would not realize this until much later. He promised Chloe a camping trip, but then abruptly disappeared for four months. While another Moses covered the camping trip, that lead to a travesty which this particular Moses caught wind of as soon as he returned. He set Chloe straight that she was only like a sister to him, but Chloe has yet to realize that he is the Moses she initially fell in love with. Nonetheless, the talk disappointed her, and it severely upset her when she learned that Moses had hooked up with Jay; someone she couldn't stand. But believing that Moses' happiness was more important than anything (even her own), she supported Moses' decision and wished him the best. She is still on good terms with him, but still doesn't realize that he is the first Moses she met.

Moses: Little 10 year-old Moses, aka The Boyfriend. After Chloe was restored to her actual physical age, Chloe happened upon the younger version of her crush while he was practicing his iron eres. Chloe recognized him and learned that a Norma had told him that he grows up without ever getting a girlfriend. Chloe reassured him that he will in fact get a girlfriend in the future: her. While this obviously wasn't true, Chloe figured she might have more success with a Moses closer to her age. When she informed Moses of the fantastic body with large breasts she would have when she grew up (which is true) and the fact that she was an iron eren like him, little Moses instantly accepted her as a member of his Red Wolves gang, as well as his girlfriend. While he does not yet stand out as much to Chloe as the older Moseses have, this may change with time. Chloe is happy to have him, especially after getting turned down by an older Moses. In the future, she hopes to become a stronger fighter with him, as well as to perhaps make him even more like a gentleman.

Sir Sandor (2): This is the Moses that took Chloe on the camping trip. Like the other Moses, he was kind to Chloe and never criticized her, which of course made Chloe fall for him. Armed with advice from Norma, Chloe decided to make advances on this Moses while she was artificially aged to 17 years of age. She endured the camping trip with gusto, and "rewarded" Moses with an extremely skimpy outfit and proceeded to make out with him. Chloe even went as far as revealing part of her bare body to him, which was simply too much for Moses to handle, and as gently as he could, stopped Chloe before she went too far. However, he never directly rejected her and even agreed that there might be a possibility for them in the future as it was noted that he even kissed her back. For Chloe, this meant that all hope was not lost. But after blabbing about her accomplishments to everyone she met, Senel and the older Chloe brewed a plot to get the younger Chloe back to her real age. They succeeded, upsetting little Chloe who thought that Moses would not accept her at her genuine age. Shortly after this, Moses disappeared and hasn't been seen since. Chloe still misses him.


Sir Jay (2): Chloe met the child version of Jay during her first day in the Dressing Room. Since then, he has appeared nearby her on occasion, usually to monitor her training and sword techniques. Though he rarely actually spars with her (because he wins so easily) and like all other Jays, sports a reclusive nature, Chloe seems not to mind him too much. She often asks him for advice regarding her methods of combat, though she is a little bit startled by this Jay's lack of any religious affiliation.

Sir Jay (5): A slightly older Jay that Chloe found injured nearby a tree one day. As Chloe had begun to desire to get to know Jay better, she decided to help patch up his injuries and find a place to reside in town. Since then, she hasn't seen him, but she does think about him and worry.

Norma BeattyEdit

Madam Norma (2): Chloe's galpal! Or the closest thing to one that she has. Chloe was at first disturbed by Norma's free-spirited liberal nature, including Norma's revealing wardrobe, her gratuitous boob-squish hugs, and reckless nature, but over time she became a dear friend to Chloe. She especially placed her trust in Norma after she rescued her from Raging Nerifes, essentially saving her life. Later on, Norma gave Chloe advice on how to win Moses' heart while Chloe was in her temporary adult body, and surprisingly Chloe followed the advice as far as even dressing as scantily clad as Norma herself to get Moses' attention. Much of this resulted in success, though the Moses in question disappeared soon after Chloe made advances on him and so the true result of Chloe's actions is not clear. Norma was also there to comfort Chloe when she was forcefully returned back to her original body, but attempted to keep Chloe in high spirits by encouraging her to never give up. So while Chloe finds Norma off-the-wall more often than not, Norma remains to be one of the few Legendia characters Chloe truly trusts and enjoys being with. Norma has clearly left an influence on her, as Chloe has taken to wear more revealing outfits daily.

Madam Norma (3): They've only briefly talked so far, and Chloe is still rather shaken to see Norma as a mouse, but she is still the same Norma as far as Chloe knows, so she likes her.

Madam Norma: The first Norma Chloe met in the Dressing Room. They conversed a few times and Norma inadvertently learned of Chloe's tragic past through these interactions. This Norma has not often been seen for a while now, but Chloe was on good terms with her.

Stella TelmesEdit

Madam Coolidge: Chloe hasn't had many opportunities to speak with Stella, but Stella treats her kindly and is even kind enough to console Chloe in regards to her various blunders during her tenure in the Dressing Room. She often gives Chloe advice; usually life advice, but does not strictly enforce it the way others have. Overall, Chloe is alright with Stella, but doesn't have much of a chance to speak with her since she's married to a Senel she dislikes.

Madam Stella: This Stella played a part in saving Chloe's life after she nearly drowned in Raging Nerifes. At the time, Chloe was not aware that she was a different Stella from the above and has not really seen her since, but Chloe still liked this Stella and appreciates her going out of her way to save her life.

Walter DelquesEdit

Sir Walter: The not-so-racist Walter that hangs out with Norma. Chloe only recently met him when he came across her while she was injured from a bout of training, and he was more than willing to heal her. Chloe was able to learn a bit more about the Ferines race from this Walter. They had a pleasant, civil conversation, and Chloe found him to be a charming lad.

Sir Walter (2): Chloe assumed this Walter was the same as the above Walter and immediately began to speak with him like a familiar. Like most others, Walter was shocked by the sight of a long-haired Chloe in a dress, but surprisingly became a good listener for Chloe and her ordeals regarding revenge, her alleged "friends", and her issues with the water and the Merines. Though Walter was anything but supportive of Chloe's decisions, he was not antagonistic towards her and ironically behaved like a neutral party to her situation. It was relieving for Chloe to have someone like that to talk to, even if said neutral party was the least-likely person who would ever be in such a position. All in all, Chloe respects this Walter and does not mind the fact that he is a loyal guardian of the Merines, so long as he does not attack her the way a certain Merines has done to her in the past.


Sir Aileron: Stahn Aileron, a kind swordsman Chloe has crossed paths with every now and then. Though he isn't the brightest crayon in the box, Stahn is very friendly towards her and Chloe admires Stahn's strength as well as his positive attitude. He is often there to brighten her spirits when she is down, and will even take her out for ice cream if needed. Chloe wishes she could see him more often.

Madam Raine: Young Raine Sage, who Chloe encountered after reverting back to her normal age. They haven't had much time to get extraordinarily close, but Raine has been there for Chloe for a few of her most recent breakdowns. Since they aren't close, though, Chloe is hesitant to admit to Raine what her problems actually are, possibly out of fear that Raine might look down on her, like so many other of her friends had in the past.

Madame Musette: It was only a matter of time before Madame Musette came along to kidnap adopt Chloe into her home. Though Chloe first met Musette as a specter, she feels at ease with her, and has no problem pouring her heart out to the elderly woman. It's very likely Chloe will spend most of her time growing up under Musette's care.

Madam Elsa: Chloe had been forewarned about Elsa by Norma before Elsa even appeared in the Dressing Room. According to Norma, Elsa was allegedly Chloe's "female suitor" in the future; a thought that initially horrified Chloe. Once she actually met Elsa, however, it wasn't so bad. It was still fairly awkward, but Elsa proved her worth as a friend numerous times in aiding Chloe whenever she needed help, usually if she had fallen into a trap in the woods while training. However, she has not seen much of Elsa lately.

Madam Anna: Anna recently came to Chloe's attention while the latter was sobbing herself into oblivion after realizing her one true love had chosen someone else. Anna was extremely sympathetic to Chloe's cause and soothed her with words of encouragement when Chloe was feeling her lowest. Chloe was very appreciative of Anna's support.

Sir Irving (2): Chloe briefly met the younger Lloyd in the park one day. She had met his older form already, so she took an instant liking to him, though they have not had much interaction beyond their first meeting.

Sir Irving: The older Lloyd, who is the closest thing Chloe has to a teacher at the moment. With his cheerful, positive, and unassuming nature (not unlike Moses' or Stahn's), he instantly clicked with Chloe, even when Chloe herself was not in bright spirits. Still, they both found it interesting that they started off with the same sword technique (Demon Fang) and Lloyd was last seen teaching her how to perform Sword Rain.

Sir Yggdrasill: Young Mithos, who happens to be part of Tiny Moses' Red Wolves gang. He accidentally walked in on Chloe kissing Moses and later apologized for his intrusion. Chloe forgave him, not believing Mithos to have committed any sort of major offense. She finds him to be sweet, so she will likely get along with him once they interact more.

Madam Lynn: Lynn aided Chloe in her sword training during the very beginning stages. Chloe hasn't talked to her since, but appreciates her contributions.

Sir Fabre: Luke also was someone who taught Chloe the basics of training during her very first day. He could relate to Chloe on the symbolism of cutting hair, but also managed to teach Chloe a few battle techniques before fading out of her life.

Madam Jadyn: Just recently met this female version of Jay while she was informing everyone of Solon's true nature. Chloe seems to be more oblivious to Jadyn's mannerisms, because she finds Jadyn much more amiable than her male counterpart.


Senel CoolidgeEdit

Sir Coolidge: At first, Chloe got along with Senel. He was there to give her advice and even taught her how to properly utilize her iron eres. But, on numerous occasions, Senel's blunt honesty has offended little Chloe and even hurt her feelings, even if it wasn't his intention to do so. She came to realize the situation of the older Chloe being in love with Senel, although Senel would never return her feelings (and he was also married, soon to be a father at the time). As a result of wanting to help them both, she forced Senel to confront the older Chloe and set her straight so she could move on, believing he was the only person capable of setting her free. The result wasn't exactly what the older Chloe desired, and it seemed to her that neither of them appreciated her efforts to preserve their friendship. What really turned little Chloe against Senel was his general disapproval of her love for Moses and his involvement in what eventually resulted in little Chloe being reverted back into a child while she was artificially in a teenager's body, namely throwing her into the ocean to cure her when he well knew of her hydrophobia. Because of this, Chloe has since been under the impression that Senel ruined her chances with Moses out of spite rather than genuine concern for her wellbeing (which was indeed the case). And so, she views him as a despicable person and refuses to associate with him in any manner to date.

Sir Coolidge (2): Chloe met this much younger version of Senel when he first appeared. Since he appeared to be (and was) a homeless child, Chloe freely gave him her money in lieu of her charitable nature. Senel, however, never took much of a liking to her. Later on, due to his attachment to the older Chloe, Senel refuses to acknowledge the younger Chloe as a genuine Chloe due to their contrasting natures. Being considered inferior to her older self enrages Chloe, and so she dislikes this Senel as well.

Chloe ValensEdit

Other Chloe: Little Chloe was initially excited to meet the seventeen year-old canon version of herself, since it was this form of Chloe that most of her friends were most familiar with. When she actually met her older self, though, she was shocked. With short hair, bad fashion sense, no husband or even a boyfriend, and lack of any trace of her background as a noble woman, the older Chloe struck fear in the child's heart. The only positive aspect about this Chloe she could see was that she was indeed an expert in the ways of the sword, but it appeared that these skills came at the expense of what made Chloe herself. Little Chloe tried to be open-minded and accept this Chloe so she could assist her in her training, as well as find out what becomes of her in her future to cause such a drastic change, but over time, little Chloe kept finding out things about the older Chloe that made her uncomfortable. When she vocalized these concerns, they often came out like insults to the older Chloe, which put her in an awkward place. Little Chloe wanted to become a knight and avenge her parents just like her older self, but she was now certain that she didn't want to do anything that would make her end up like this Chloe. Little Chloe meddling in the older Chloe's love life (or lack thereof) and older Chloe's disapproval of the younger one's determination to make Moses her future husband led to several episodes of bickering between the two. Little Chloe's hotheadedness also aggravated Chloe, particularly when her younger self wanted to leap into wars when she wasn't nearly prepared for the onslaught. Little Chloe would take her older self's actions completely the wrong way, and it only made them further drift apart, though at one point both admitted that they did want to understand each other better. However, on little Chloe's end, that all came to pieces when she found out the older Chloe was in on the plot with Senel to throw her into the ocean. After that, little Chloe refused to trust her older counterpart as far as she could throw her and demanded that she never cross paths with her ever again. Since then, they have not met.

Older Chloe: Even older than the other older Chloe, little Chloe had similar reactions to this one: fear, embarrassment, disappointment, et cetera. This Chloe, however, had even less tolerance for little Chloe's intolerance than the other one, so they made sure to part ways soon after this older Chloe made her debut in the Dressing Room.


Sir Jay: The first Jay Chloe met in the Dressing Room; he is the one who initially inspired Chloe to fight in the name of justice in order to avenge her slain parents. From the very beginning, Chloe always found this Jay to be rather rude, as it took her a while to even figure out his name because of his reluctance to give her too much information. His lack of reluctance to point out her flaws and occasional idiocy also offended her, but for some reason, the two seemed to constantly cross paths. Eventually, Chloe found her own special ways to tease and fluster Jay, and she began to think of it as some strange sort of game between them. On several occasions she had doubts that he was really a friend of hers in the future, but repeated assertions by her friends kept her believing that if she tried hard enough, she too could gain his friendship and trust. She never saw it this way, but others viewed Jay's harshness on little Chloe as a way of looking out for her. However, relations between them soured when they became unexpected love rivals for Moses. Jay prompted one Moses (incidentally, the first one Chloe met and the first one she fell in love with) to reject her, and not long after, Chloe realized that Jay and that particular Moses became "more than friends". With her trust betrayed and her heart broken, Chloe hated Jay and went great lengths to insult him to let him know just how much she hated him for all he had put her through. She even went as far to insult the way he was brought up, figuring no decent parent would raise their child to be so vile. Of course, she knew nothing of Jay's past and based it all on assumption. Chloe continued to give Jay hell over stealing "her" man until he was kidnapped by Solon, at which point she finally started to feel guilty about all of the horrible things she said about him. She wanted to help find him, but as usual, was not allowed due to her age and lack of experience. However, she had a feeling that Jay's kidnapper had some sort of connection to his past. She's since been determined to learn everything she can about him, but is currently happy Jay has returned safely. She recently apologized to him for the way she treated him, promised she would never give him grief over Moses or his behavior again, and wished him happiness with his new boyfriend. The consequences of Chloe's attempt to mend their ties has yet to be seen, but it's clear that Chloe has deep feelings for this Jay; perhaps deeper than she feels for anyone else in the Dressing Room barring the Moseses.

Sir Jay (3): Like the first Jay, Chloe tried to strike up a conversation with him, but this was nigh impossible considering this Jay had been firmly tied to Solon and only him, and thusly was only interested in the missions Solon assigned him, which was usually the capturing of the Merines, which Chloe was not. Still, he would keep an eye on her from time to time. Eventually, Chloe learned of the true nature of this Jay and has since stayed away from him, knowing him to be an adversary.

Sir Jay (4): The High School Alternate Universe Jay who already seems to have a negative predisposition towards Chloe based on the one he knows in his world. Her fondness for Moses does not help matters, either. She was willing to give him and Moses a tour of the Dressing Room, but since then has not interacted with him.


Madam Shirley: Chloe was on good terms with this Shirley until she went psychotic (thanks to the influence of Raging Nerifes) and nearly drowned Chloe with a Tidal Wave spell after feigning friendliness with her. It was bad enough to be stabbed in the back by someone she considered a friend, but to be betrayed and and nearly drowned by the same person when Chloe had recently barely made it out alive of Raging Nerifes itself (giving her intense hydrophobia) made Chloe fearful of all Shirleys. Knowing that any Shirley was capable of summoning large amounts of water on a whim and fearing she would not be able to tell apart the good Shirleys from the bad caused Chloe to avoid all of them after that event. So should she come across a Shirley in the Dressing Room, chances are good she will go out of her way to avoid her regardless of her intentions.

Sir Valens: Cori Valens, the male version of Chloe. Though that factoid was startling enough in itself, little Chloe grew accustomed to it quickly since the older Chloes tended to practically look like men anyway (in her mind). However, like other Chloes, Cori didn't think much of Chloe's fondness for Moses, was offended by her disapproval of the older Chloe's development, and had major issues with her when the little Chloe began dressing in more revealing clothes. Little Chloe never payed heed to his words, thusly they don't interact very much.

Sir Sven: Like most other people, Chloe found Sven's blunt, flirtatious nature disturbing and offensive. His inability to be serious for even a second also caused Chloe to look down on him, as he continued to act up and tease her after she told him about the tragedy that befell her family. If he ever comes around, she'll be sure to avoid him.

Sir Archon: Previously known by Chloe as "Archon", she was completely oblivious to the fact that the man is really Solon, the sadist ninja who essentially made any Jay's life a living hell during their childhood. He posed as a kindly old man to her, and Chloe trusted him until Jadyn announced "Archon's" true nature to the public. Chloe is now very wary of him, and thanks to her memorization of his details and what he has done to the Jays, she is ever closer to finding out Jay's past.


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