Information Edit

Name: Natalia Kimlasca-Lanvaldear

Username: headbandheir

Series: Tales of the Abyss

Age: 18 (Appearance), 2 months(mentality)

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Other: Replica

History Edit

She doesn't remember anything. Just how to breath and blink.

Development Edit

She curiously has learned that moving parts of your body can elicit different things, and experiments with this as often as she can. Child-like in a mental perspective, she mimics certain actions and movements people do.


These are a few she knows - AND UNDERSTANDS. By mimicking, of course.

Hi - thing you first say to a person

Food - crackers! and sliced fruit

Raine - a nice little girl who gave her food. and helped her walk

Genis - squirmy bundle that's usually with Raine

Stay - keep to a place

Go - leave a place

Mieu - a name! and a cute sound that the little blue creature says.

Natalia - her own name apparently if the blue creature's to be trusted

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