Isadora is a finally legal Canadian who spends time reading, writing, and getting addicted to various things. Her recent passions are fanfiction, roleplaying, and drawing crappy excuses for a human!Noishe.


Call Isadora Izzy, please. She insists No, she doesn't. Also, the Rattlesnake is her boyfriend IS NOT.


Noishe (Last-protozoan) - Basically, Noishe turned into a humaniod form - Fae - when he arrived in the Dressing Room. He's very cheerful and does his best to look on the bright side of things. He's had a difficult life with all his friends and family dying when he was a kid, leaving him to be the last of his kind. He just tries to live life happily with his new loved ones, but lately, he keeps getting reminded of his past ...

Anna Irving Aurion (Oursilversword) - An 19-year-old version, this Anna is somewhat different from the others. She has only just recently been taken to a human ranch and married her friend, Kratos Aurion. She is innocent, caring, and easily flustered, especially when the topic of Kratos is mentioned. She's lived a sheltered life in Luin, training to be blacksmith in her father's weapons store and helping her mother with her work at the local boarding house.

Kratos Aurion (Waving-a-cane) - OLD KRATOS. 'Nuff said.

Lloyd (Knows-latin) - Still working on him. NEEDLESS TO SAY, HE KNOWS LATIN.

Andrew Wellum (Notagirl-really) - 16 years old and fresh out of the Asgard Human Ranch, this Anna has seen the horrible slaughter of her parents first-hand and vowed revenge against Kvar. Feeling that being a girl made her weak and needing a way to disguise herself from the Desian troops searching for her, she cut her hair, started wearing boy's clothes, and took on the alias of Andrew Wellum. She is apprenticed to Kratos Aurion, who saved her when she was cornered by Desians, and is learning how to fight with a sword.

Lieutenant Botta Lualdi (Botta-buns) - Botta, if he was born as girl. I could say more, but I'm too lazy right now.

Lilia (Lloydisoedipus) - Lilia from ToS:KoR, mid-game. Lloyd has a gigantic crush on her. I play her for the lulz.

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