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Dirk had lived near the village of Iselia for such a long time that virtually no one in the town could remember not having him around. For years, he led a solitary, comfortable life, getting food and other necessities from the village in exchange for his services as a remarkably skilled blacksmith.

All that changed one night, when he responded to a knock on his door and met a middle-aged looking man, a young woman, a boy who was barely more than an infant, and a huge green dog. The man introduced himself as Kratos Aurion, and explained that his wife, Anna, was in dire need of a key crest for the exsphere attached to her hand.

Dwarven crafting is nothing to sneeze at. Dirk had the key crest completed within the hour, and the woman's life was undoubtedly saved as a result. When he learned the group were fleeing from Desians, he offered his home as a safe haven for them. They were reluctant to impose on him in such a way, but Dirk was adamant, and eventually they caved.

For ten years now, the Aurions have lived with Dirk, becoming essentially his family. He could be considered Lloyd's second father, and has no problem considering Anna to be like a sister to him. Kratos is a little more distant, but that's more or less to be expected.

It won't be long now, Dirk knows, before the journey of regeneration for Sylvarant begins. And though Anna will be horrified by the prospect, both him and Kratos are certain Lloyd will insist on joining his friend Colette on her journey.

But it seems Dirk doesn't have enough to worry about on his own world...

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Moar here later.

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We liek Annas, Lloyds, and Noishes. We also liek Kratos but are pretty sure he's meh on us. We do not liek Kvar.

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Best Dad Ever - No competition. You win at fatherhood.

Master Craftsman - Dwarven crafting is unparalleled. Behold the glory of the shining steel!

Vow Master - The title for one who can recite all the Dwarven Vows in order. How many are there?

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