Hey~ ^^

Keltena is fourteen-year-old human female who has way too many interests and abuses emoticons. She also never knows how to describe herself and is, as we speak, looking at other people's pages to get an idea of what to put. (Oh shut up. So I'm a perfectionist, what of it?)

...okay, she hasn't found anything particularly consistent or helpful, so she's going to just sort of wing it. She's played Symphonia and knows part of the plot of the sequel, desperately wants to play Abyss... and that's pretty much all so far. xD; She is an obsessive 'shipper, and is equally obsessed with romantic relationships and awesome friendships. She spends way too much time roleplaying. She is not sure how to finish this paragraph.


Tabatha - thyladysvessel - A replacement Tabatha created after the original became Martel's vessel, she has been programmed to have all of the previous Tabatha's memories and personality, and does not see herself as a separate person.

Zelos Wilder - dashing_angel - An AU Cruxis!Zelos, who operates openly as an angel rather than undercover as a member of the main party.

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