There is nothing special about Kyio. Half the time, she isn't even called Kyio. Just call her "Wingy" - that's what everyone else does. Even though she doesn't participate a heck of a lot in the dressing room itself, she's always in every meme that gets posted.

Kyio is always in the OOC chat at the weirdest hours at all times. This is because she is a complete loser and doesn't go to college or have a job. Yet. She's got plans for the future, but they don't come into effect until August 2009. So until then, enjoy her bumming around on an almost constant basis. Just don't get her started on some topics. Her "shut the hell up" button just doesn't work.

Characters PlayedEdit

Yuri Lowell Wingy - From Tales of Vesperia. This Yuri was first thrown into Luceti and is continually bounced back and forth from that place and the dressing room; something he'll complain about to anyone who hasn't already heard it before. After meeting another Yuri (azure_blast), he got hit with the nickname "Wingy" so they wouldn't have to call each other by their actual names (it felt weird).

Leon Magnus - From Tales of Destiny. This Leon, like Yuri, is also from Luceti and being bounced back and forth. He doesn't mention it, and seems not to really care. He barely shows up, mostly because he's avoiding everyone.

Yuri Lowell - From way before the start of Tales of Vesperia. This particular Yuri is only nine years old, and a complete little bastard. At least he tries to be. Most times, he just ends up being oddly adorable without intending to be. He also trips over long words and usually gives up, giving an explanation around it.

Ba'ul - From the end of Tales of Vesperia. She's just playing him for the lulz, really.

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