Kyosuke (Otherwise known as Kyo) is the person who made this wiki.

Kyo, as depicted by Noi.

His identity is a mystery to many, but what is known is that he is one badass FREAKIN' Overlord.

Kyo is the Overlord of the chat. He rules all and sees all that goes on. He is the alpha male of the chat, and is often the origin of at least half of the strange happenings that go on in the chat and the DR. Failure to comply with the rules of the chat will result in being told to GET OUT. He has one Pokemon in chat, a Meowzy, who lives in a customized Luxury Ball, with a window! And curtains! Do not mention chocolate, for he will chase you. In his spare time, Kyosuke often likes to take potato chips AND EAT THEM.

Why Tales?

Kyo is the resident Tales fag. If it's a Tales game, he's played. HE'S PLAYED THEM ALL, EVEN THE JAPANESE ONES! Currently, he's playing through Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World. Kyo started on the Tales series like most did; Tales of Symphonia. He saw the game in its overly publicized ads that Nintendo forced out through its ass (read: Nintendo Power). After playing it through 9 times and knowing every piece of the dialogue, Kyo learned of the entries in the series. As time passed, he obtained Tales of Destiny, Tales of Eternia, Tales of Legendia, and Tales of the Abyss. Then he started importing! And so, Kyo said, "Let there be Tales games imported from Japan in my collection, so that I may enjoy that which Americans do not have the honor!" And there were Tales games imported from Japan in his collection. And it was good... At least for him.


Kyosuke currently plays:

Stahn Aileron : burningyatta

Keele Zeibel : craymelscholar

Tytree Crowe : greenteatray

Kratos Aurion : blame_your_fate

The Quiet Nerifes : knownasnessy

Barbatos Goetia : simply_buruuaaa

kbainao. GET OUT.

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