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Okay, I've never actually played the Noishe sidequest in Tales of Symphonia. And we all agree that the Tales of Symphonia/Phantasia timelines make absolutely no sense anyway. SO YOU WON'T MIND IF I SMASH IT UP, PICK UP THE PIECES AND MAKE AN ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, RIGHT?

Creation of AseliaEdit

Once, there was Origin, a being of immense power - a summon spirit - born from the heavens. In the vast expanse of the universe, he found himself a corner near the stars, away from his brothers and sisters. He wanted to rest, so he said "Let there be easy chairs," and lo, there was easy chairs. He wanted a drink, so he said "Let there be smoothies," and lo, there was smoothies, one for each of his mighty hands. And there he sat in comfort until his brother, Maxwell, found him.

Maxwell, a wise but annoying spirit, nagged Origin into making something. He nagged and nagged and nagged until finally Origin gave in, creating lands, seas, skies, the entire planet of Aselia. Origin even made the Giant Kharlan Tree to keep the planet alive and make playmates for his brother so he would leave him alone. The heavens recognized these great acts and named Origin the King of the Summon Spirits.

Then they made Maxwell the Summon Spirit of Birth, to recognize his contribution in the process and both Origin and Maxwell were to share control of Aselia. Origin was not happy.

But other summon spirits came to take residence on the world, time passed, and soon the entire universe was filled with life forms of all kinds, as more powerful summon spirits copied Origin's creations. And, sometimes, they came in contact with each other ...

Rise of the ProtozoaEdit

The Kharlan WarEdit

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The Regeneration JourneyEdit

See: Tales of Symphonia

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Reunification BacklashEdit

See: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World


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