Leareth, in the books written by the marvelous author Mercedes Lackey, translates to "darkness". So it is perhaps ironically fitting that the mun who goes by this name plays mostly cheerful, upbeat characters (and nearly all blondes, too).

His trip into the realm of ToDR began with a bizarre, utterly crack-ish question. What would have happened if Martel had not died after the war in the events prior to Tales of Symphonia? Deciding to try to answer this question, Leareth created Mistral Yggdrasill, a version of Mithos who had never lost Martel, and who was also female (the second part was solely for brain-breaky on the part of those that met her).

The rest is history. ToDR proved horrifically addictive for Leareth, and he now wields six characters of astonishing power (or in one case, adorableness).

What else may come from the realm of chaos that is this mun's twisted mind? Only time will truly tell...

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