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To write out Luna's history would be to chronicle all of Aselia's time. She has seen the Kharlan War, the splitting of the worlds and the rise of Cruxis, the fall of Cruxis, the reuniting of the worlds, the Demon King's War, and numerous other events.

Luna is the embodiment of Light. Along with her counterpart, Aska, she controls all light energy throughout the world of Aselia. As a Summon Spirit, she grants her power to any who prove themselves worthy to her... assuming she does not currently have a valid pact.

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Later lol.

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Sheenas good. Klarths good. Mithoses maybe good maybe not. Momma Stella good. Fellow Spirits very good. Nebilims bad.

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The Light of the Heavens - One of the great spirits who keeps the world in balance. Her light offers comfort, and drives off evil.

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