Basic Edit

Name: Mint Adenade
Username: Mintaidhealer
Series: Tales of Phantasia
Age: counting from last year I played her, she's now 19
Height: idk
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Birthdate: idk
Birthplace: huh, I forgot (give me a break, I haven't played the game in years *coughs*)
Weapon: Unicorn Horn
Occupation: White mage; One of the handful of healers at the clinic

Background Edit


DressingRoom Edit

In 2007, I played her in paradisa where she lost her memories of Cless and worked in the clinic in the castle (being overshadowed by the other popular healers there, damn you Fire Emblem!)...then months later she left. Her memories during her time in the magical castle is gone, but her memories and feelings for the hero who saved her is slowly returning. More or less, she's still the same and she found her way into the dressingroom and make her role and home in the clinic.

Mint is on the same level as Mithos, concerning activitiy and is one of mun's slow but steady muses.

Mun also likes a Cless to her Mint. Derp.

Personality & behaviorEdit

Pure of heart and honest (the powerful Unicorn Horn is the symbol of her purity), she's willingly to help and assist those in need. She's very friendly and generous to others. As a nurse, she's detailed oriented and maybe a bit of a clean freak. She's very studious in her studies both magical and non-magical in medicine. She's really brave (that she's not afraid of rats or insects or dead corpses) and courageous.

She can easily get along with anyone, but also knows to keep her distance. She doesn't like to pry in the private lives of others, but knows how to keep things confidential. On paradisa, a Grand Cardinal told her a secret, and even then she doesn't spill anything, but now she no longer remembers it.

Likes Edit

Ways to do to raise her heart level:

  • Cless! (pfft, where are you hero?)
  • She happily accepts anything
  • Science
  • Justice
  • Mushrooms, flowers, and plants (both normal and with medicinal properties)
  • Insects

Dislikes Edit

  • Injustice


Relationships Edit

0000116d→ Dislike/Hate/Has never met/Neutral/Indifferent
000042dh→ Standard//Acquaintance/People you talk to
00002prw→ People considered as friends/Like to talk with
00003f6t→ People considered as good friends/Like to talk with a lot
000077ey→ BFFs/Crush
0000510c→ Family/Dating/Mutually like each other
000064zy→ In-love//Engaged/Married
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Dressing Room only

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