Characters: Moses Sandor, Senel Coolidge, and various others.

Summary: Moses decided he and Senel should 'celebrate' Sophie's birth by getting a drink. Even though Sophie was born quite some time ago. But Moses is very persuasive and manages to lead Senel away from his wife and child for a night of partying. Senel swears to drink only one alcoholic drink, but Moses, in the spirit of fun, spikes the rest of his drinks. The two get shitfaced drunk and wander towards home.

Notable happenings are Moses discovering Senel's wings, Stella crying, Chloe dunking the drunks in water (especially after some comments by Senel), Moses re-discovering Colette, the two making asses of themselves in front of Jay, then Jadyn, Moses admitting he loves Jay, squabbling with Harriet, bonding with Highschool!Moses, getting glowered at by female!Senels, being 'haunted' by Normouse, and getting run over by the LAW TRAIN that is Will. Except for the last event, these occur in no particular order.

It is followed by Senel and Moses in Jail.

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