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If the fact that she's an animal didn't give it away, this Norma is played by Urby. Ohnose!

Basic InformationEdit

Name: Norma "Normouse" Baitty

Username: mousebaitty

Game: Tales of Legendia

RP: Singular Kingdom (dead)

Age: 16(?)

Height: Catlike

Weight: A lady never tells

Weapon: Cuteness (and occasionally Spade tricks)

Occupation: Nuisance

Background InformationEdit

watch me never do this


Chloe Valens: Back in the Singular Kingdom, Chloe was one of the only other people from the Legacy, and the two were very close. At first, Normouse was only interested in her because she was different (both because she was human and was not romantically involved), but she has gotten very attached to the lady knight, so much that she moved in with her.

Senel Coolidge (child): The two of them aren't friends at all. She tends to avoid him, but wishes that he would be more like his older self so they could get along.

Sena Coolidge: The first genderbend Normouse ever met. While at first the experience was jarring, she doesn't mind anymore and bugs Sena as if they've known each other all along. She also allows Sena to pet her occasionally to calm her nerves.

Walter Felques: While the two met under less-than-stellar circumstances, she likes to consider that they're friends and sometimes refers to him as the "Awesome Wally". (She may or may not have a crush on him.)

Shiloh Fennes: The two met one day and pretty much instantly became bffl. Normouse considers him invaluable to all her plans and plottings, and enjoys his company tremendously.

Human-Noishe: One of Normouse's newest friends. Their quest to clean clothes got cut short by an attacking monster, and she had to use a great deal of energy to fight off the beast. Despite this setback, she expects them to go on many more adventures.

Keele Zeibel: While puttering around Musette's library, Normouse came across this peculiar fellow, and was captured as a research subject. She plays along with his experiments...most of the time.


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