Name: Klarth F. Lester.

Username: Necronomiklarth.

Game: Tales of Phantasia.

Played by: Meowzy.

Age: Physical body; 32.

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 135lbs

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Red

Birthplace: Euclid (Klarth himself).

Weapon: Magic, thanks to his demon powers.

Occupation: Demon Lord. Poses as a scholar, though. 8)

History Edit

The tale of Demon King Klarth (more commonly known as "NecronomiKlarth") is a tragic one indeed.

It all started about two years after the defeat of Demon Lord Dhaos. -Dhaos' title, incidentally, is self-proclaimed and not to be associated with the demons of Niflheim at all- The Necronomicon, which had been Klarth's trusty weapon since the journey started, was still taken along wherever he went in case it was needed. Therefore, it was only natural that after such a long time, the inhabitants of Nilfheim began to whisper to him. It started off on rare occasions, only when he was alone. Incomprehensible pleas and murmurs, which were hastily dismissed as a lack of sleep. But as the months passed, their voices grew louder, more needy. At the same time, Klarth's sanity was starting to slip.

Finally, the message of the demons became clear; "Summon the King of Niflheim. The Necronomicon has the power. Do it and we will grant you your every desire."

They begged, cried out and tried to seduce the man with all sorts of promises. His girlfriend Mirald, unable to watch this go on, left his side. Klarth was slowly consumed by lonelyness as the demons continued to call to him. At last he caved, receiving their word of honor that he would be given great magical powers beyond that of anyone with Elven blood. A covenant was made and the darkest pages of the Necronomicon were used to summon the being which ruled over Niflheim. The demons fulfilled their half of the bargain, but Klarth didn't realize the cost until it was too late; His body and his own free will.

Demon King Klarth mostly keeps a low profile as he keeps an eye on his surroundings. With so many 'hero types' in the Dressing Room, blatantly going out of your way to kill is like asking for trouble. He prefers a calculative, perfect-alibi kind of murder. As proof of the pact that was made, he carries the Necronomicon around wherever he goes.

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