Presea Combatir from the giant, mashed-up Team Aurion alternate universe. Some important things to note about her?

  • She is actually thirteen years old both mentally and physically. However, thanks to spending a lot of time around Regal and Alicia as a child, she's gained maturity that could easily make her pass for someone much older. (Her age actually isn't acknowledged until she and Genis are together.)
  • She's dating the Genis from her world. Currently, their relationship hasn't moved much past the holding hands and nervous kisses on the cheek, but it's pretty obvious the relationship will go somewhere.
  • Presea attends St. Yulia's Prepatory School for Girls as a seventh grader. (Seles Wilder also attends as a freshman; Tear Grants is a junior; Arietta the Wild is a junior; and Anise Tatlin is a fellow seventh grader.) This is an all-girl school in the suburbs of modern-day Meltokio.
  • If she's wearing her canon costume? Do. Not. Attempt. To. Battle. Her. Those clothes are basically her "Mary Sue" clothes and basically regenerate themselves every time she gets attacked. (It also heals her.)
  • Her fellow members of Team Aurion are: Lloyd Aurion, Colette Brunel, Genis Sage [mainly tech support], Seles Wilder, and Mithos Yggdrasil.
  • She also cooperates with Team Valens (so, yes - dancingfists is her canonmate) and Team Barklight on occasion. Team Vesperia is acknowledged, but it's the black sheep of the Aselia universe.
  • Her weapon is still an axe, but it's no longer capable of killing people.
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