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His eyes said it all / I started to fall / and the silence deafened

NAME Zelos Wilder
AGE 22
HEIGHT 5'10" (179 cm)
WEIGHT 150 lbs. (68 kg)
CANON Tales of Symphonia alternate universe: after the third temple, that of Lightning.

Capable swordsmanship, aionis-induced magical abilities, and angel skills (including flight and heightened senses).


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U N I V E R S E Edit

⊹ Zelos is currently on the journey of world regeneration. Among his companions are Sheena, Yuan, Lloyd, Regal and Presea.
   ⊹ At this point in time, Zelos has finished praying at the Temple of Lightning, which makes his third—as a result, he's recently lost the ability to feel.
⊹ He still has his regular magic (first aid, fireball, etc.), thanks to evil institutions making him ingest aionis; he also has angel skills, as per his angelic transformation.
⊹ His mana signature is close enough to Martel's that he will eventually contract Chronic Angelic Crystallis Inofficium. However, it's different enough that Cruxis's ultimate plan will fail... as far as Zelos is concerned.
⊹ Lloyd is the assassin that the Renegades sent after the Chosen, although it turns out Lloyd absolutely fails, and just tried talking Zelos out of his journey instead. Zelos didn't feel particularly threatened by this "attempt on his life" and let Lloyd tag along.
   ⊹ On that note, Sheena was hired by the royal family to guard Zelos.
   ⊹ Lloyd and Genis were still exiled after the events of the human ranch. (Despite Sylvarant now being the flourishing world, this is only a fairly recent development, and the Desian foothold has yet to loosen completely.) Genis, along with Raine, moved to Triet, while Lloyd was picked up by the Renegades for his mission.

⊹ Yuan is still leader of the Renegades. His reasons for traveling with the Chosen are that of a test to see if this pilgrimage has a chance of succeeding: if it looks like it might happen, he plans to kill Zelos.
⊹ Regal and Presea join up close enough to their canon counterparts that it... doesn't really need explaining.
⊹ You can bet your bottom dollar this Zelos has even more self-esteem and worth issues than in canon. Remiel's little trick isn't helping matters, either.
   ⊹ You can also bet that, as of yet, no one has a clue. Except maybe Yuan.

N O T E S Edit

⊹ Zelos tends to wear the leather cloak-thing he arrived in, with little heed to the weather in Zelore. (It helps that he can't feel heat or cold anyway.) He'd rather not freeze to death if he randomly gets shunted back to Flanoir, kthx.
⊹ The adornment around his Cruxis Crystal is fancier than a regular key crest. Hilariously, he thinks this might actually make him look a bit too gaudy.
⊹ Yes, his Cruxis Crystal is green. Really.

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