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Name: Ellie Wilder (Seles's clone)
Username: omg_absolute
Series: Tales of Symphonia
RP: Omg!Symphonia
Age: 13 -> 17
Height: 5’1”
Weight: 98
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue
Birthdate: March 21
Birthplace: Meltokio
Weapon: Sword
Occupation: Wondertwin / Healer-in-training / Glorified babysitter

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Dressing Room/Omg!Symphonia

  • Seles: Seles and Ellie are the wondertwins. While they can function on their own, they work best when together, and neither would probably want to live without the other. Seles and Ellie are very close; while it can be loosely called the bond of sisterhood, the connection that they share goes above and beyond that. Even when they are apart, they are together, bound together by the close connection of thoughts and emotions that they share.
  • Martel : Ellie had decided that she wanted to study healing to be a help. When Martel came to her, offering to be a teacher, Ellie happily complied, taking the time to learn from her and Raine. She became the one to help look after Martel, bringing her food and helping her with her work. She worries quite a bit about her, and only wants to do her best to help make life easier for her.
  • Zelos: Just as Seles is her sister, Zelos is her brother. She cares for him, Sheena, and their combined family deeply.
  • Colette: Colette is Ellie's best friend outside of her tight bond with Seles. The two of them grew close throughout all of Colette's various problems, and she did her best to be there for her friend.
  • Lloyd: Ellie became good friends with Lloyd as well, supporting him through his various traumas and ordeals with Colette.
  • Genis: While he has a better friendship with her sister, Ellie considers him a friend as well, and looks after him when she can.
  • Mistral: She's glad that Mistral is making the effort to be a good friend to Seles, because she believes that's something that her sister needs.


  • Piro: (omg!symphonia) The original clone of Genis, he and Ellie had a relationship, though they gradually drifted apart, as Ellie became too attached to her family, and Piro was unable to forge connections as well as she had, leaving him uncomfortable at the Ranch.
  • Juliet: (omg!symphonia) Ellie was the one who encouraged Seles and Juliet to build a relationship, after making sure that it wouldn't do any harm. She is close to her as well, and misses her a lot.
  • Asch: (mirrorlocked) She took care of him when he was injured, and worried about him constantly. She's not sure why he's gone, but she hopes that he remembers her, wherever he is now.


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