Actually an old roleplay account (the very very first) of Urby's, back when she did not understand the importance of a good username or really how to work Livejournal (let alone tag effectively). Recently revived because Urby likes playing animals and for the sake of more a roundabout way.

Basic InformationEdit

This Noishe is an Aeros, one of the evolutionary forms before the Arshis, the form he appears as in Tales of Symphonia. While most ordinary Dressing Room residents may only regard him as a unusual and brightly-colored bird, other protozoa or those who can understand animals will discover a childlike entity who is very lonely. He is no more than a little boy, and had yet to realize that he was the very last of his kind until it was pointed out to him (ironically enough, by an alternate self).

He has yet to meet Mithos and his companions in his canon, but he generally feels he can trust them when he comes across them.


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