A look into the mind of Queenie

Queenie Z (known by most as simply "Queenie" and by the chat as "God") is the founder and moderator of Tales of Dressing Room. She is 18 years old and enjoys music, theatre, cooking, Asian food, long walks on the beach, pina coladas, getting caught in the rain, and, of course, the Tales series. Most specifically Symphonia, although she enjoys Abyss and Vesperia as well.

Her favorite Tales character is Lloyd Irving. This explains why she plays six of them. Her one weakness is Lloyd/Colette and has been known to be placated by promises of fluff and/or porn.

She is known to spaz out at times and try too hard to please everybody, but she usually gets her head in the game when it comes to enforcing law and order (DOINK DOINK) in the Dressing Room.

Oh, and she also sporadically plays a Colette and a Judith, but no one really cares about them.

Characters Edit


Lloyd Irving (twin_swords)

Crazy!Lloyd (wrathofdesire)

Baby!Lloyd (tomatoesareicky)

Coffee!Lloyd (coffeemaster)

Papa!Lloyd (twicethepapa)

Soul Calibur Legends!Lloyd (exsphereizpplz)


Colette Brunel (hammer_rain)

Judith (talkstodragons)

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