Basic InformationEdit

  • Name: Mithos Yggdrasil
  • Username: rainbowjudgment
  • Series: Tales of Symphonia
  • RP: Memento Eden
  • Age: 14
  • Weapon: Soccer Ball
  • Occupation: Damsel in Distress Mage



In CanonEdit

Memento EdenEdit

Everyone, upon arriving in Memento, loses his memories. Mithos was no exception and he adjusted well his first time. He made friends with the townspeople, enthusiastically supported holidays like Halloween (he was an angel) and even began to remember some things after a few events. He then disappeared during the winter, only to come back sometime in February.

He wasn't too different this time around, even if the majority of his old friends had disappeared around the same he had. He began remembering more of his past - most of them involving Martel and his life during the Kharlan War - and even became close friends with his world's Colette Brunel to the point where you didn't see one without the other. Even after her disappearance, Mithos still holds her to be his best friend. (This is probably why he's so unenthusiastic about the Lloyds claiming to be their Colettes' best friend.)

And then he met Jenna. What slowly started as a friendship grew as something more, with Mithos always insisting on being there for her and doing all that he can to make her happy. He confessed his love to her one day, not thinking that she would feel the same way, and... well, she confessed her love back. They've been boyfriend-girlfriend ever since, though they're still in the blushyworks stages of holding hands, awkward teenage blushes, and each trying desperately to hide the fact that they can use some form of magic.



Dhaos: Mithos' favorite big brother. We're still not sure how this relationship formed, but Mithos is always teasing him about being Martel's boyfriend (and wondering why the heck Dhaos hasn't asked her out yet). To be honest? Mithos would rather have Dhaos be his brother in law than Yuan.


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