The name is Rakka. I'm a really obscure mun that nobody knows.

I like Haibane-Renmei, .hack//Sign, Black Jack, Junjou Romantica, Pokemon, Axis Powers: Hetalia, and then some.

I'm aiming for a Physical Therapy Assistant as my major. So yes, you can deduced that I'm a college student.

If you have any issues or just want to chat my aim is: lindtcarebear (Yes, can you do the care bear countdown?) or you can just PM any character of mine. Time zone is EST.

Characters (Active)
Their pages will come along eventually.


Rodyle: deceitdevice
Evil ex-despot who likes to hit children and takes candy from them. Tell him that Presea never exists and is a figment of his imagination and see how he reacts. Hostile, angry, sour and violent...but there's a way to tame him.

Teen!Kvar: electrocardinal
15 years old. He does not like to socialize with humans and half-elves alike.

Turtle!Rodyle: kamerodyle
An eccentric and odd being of a turtle who rules the beaches and oceans.

Virginia Sage: mydearestchild
An old elf lady who lost her mind. It's obvious I'm listening to Poe songs while I'm writing her. *shot*

Anna Irving: luinsyndrome
Crazy!Anna. 'Nuff said.

Symphonia 2: Dawn of the New World
Alice: loliwhiptime
Okay, the jig is up. She's one of mine. Pretty much for crack and being a heartless dominatrix for every Decus in the dressingroom, so don't expect her around much.


Mint: mintaidhealer
A powerful healer who healed the tree in her time. She likes to help whenever she can.


Original Ion: rendthescore
An older teen Ori!Ion...who seemed to be a bit...odd.

Amnesiac Dist: forgottenreaper
The blast from the replica Nebilim gave him a head trauma that made him lost all of his memories (temporary). Nerdy and cheery, but place him near a machine or technology stuff and he'll get...disturbing.

Characters (Inactive)

They're going to sleep for a very long time. Their tags on the comm still exist.

Mithos: yggy-sama
Went back to his world to become the greatest tree evah. Sorry gaiz, but I keep losing his voice that it's not even funny and my interests in him is waning to a nil. If you enjoyed him for a time, thank you very much. MAYBE I'LL BRING HIM BACK SOMEDAY. MAYBE.

Original Ion: fonon-master
Deceased. Restarted as rendthescore.

Pronyma: agarazium
Inactive. Maybe one day I'll know what to do with her.

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