Rebbeh is; a workaholic, an overachiever, a spazz, utterly random, 16 just a teenager, tries too hard, blunt, honest, has crazy hair, SHOULDTAKEABREAKFROMWORK, insanely optimistic, and god knows what else.

She is chasing after getting into med school (Has been for YEARS OGODSWHY A.K.A. Grade 1 or something. ) so apparently that works as the epic reason to jump on anything and say “Mad Doctor skills here!” and take over a problem.

So if one can look past the insanity strangeness, Rebbeh is really quite friendly. Seriously; poke her if you want to talk or whatever. Though she likes to abuse caps and whatnot.


Likes: Bright colours like yellow, smiles, hugs, bears, her friends, spazzing, randomness, riding on buses, THE GREAT OUTDOORS, Harvest Moon, Tales games, …generally most RPG’s, more hugs, Personaaaaa, writing weird stuff, drawing junk!, pineapples, sun shine, tea, England!, making stupid jokes, food, hugs, bread om nom nom, general talking, ect, ect~

Dislikes: Clowns, generally the dark (She’s rather quite blind without her glasses Which she never wears, so it’s self explanatory), physics class, squirrels, mean people, the landlords, pointless arguments, hate music, summer (Humid weather sucks), winter (The cold is even worse), internet drama.

Generally though, she’s really quite friendly. Maybe kind of strange If you don’t know her, but take the time to get to know her, and, well…



tinyweaver Basically the main account here ( It actually started with 'What if there was a Grune that was cute, but not cluess?' and then...this happened.)

wonderousbread Actually made for the laughs. Also because bread is fantastic.

Accounts she’s no clue what to do with:

thinkingofmoney The male Norma is very…strange. ( Not sure what to do with him right now.)

Accounts she still needs to throw into the Dressing Room

--None at the moment--

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