Stella FennesEdit

Stella Fennes was destined for a good life. She was always pretty, her voice could carry a tune that people would envy, and she had a wonderful family. Her parents, Amity and Edmund, encouraged her to play instruments and sing, and she took part in many musical contests, winning some. Through all of this, she made sure to be a supportive big sister for Shirley, a shy little girl two years younger. Stella was always popular among friends as well, for she had a good nature that people would gravitate to.

When she turned twelve, the family was next to take care of a foster boy who was the same age as her. Excited, the two sisters joined their parents as they went to take him home. There, they learned that his name was Senel Coolidge. Though they hadn't decided to officially adopt him yet, they did bring him home and gave him a place to stay. The boy was angry and combative, but he soon calmed and began to enjoy his peaceful life. The two girls took a particular interest in him, Stella most especially. As the years passed, she began to realize that she was developing feelings for him. Thinking that he only thought of her as a sister, she kept this revelation to herself. However, when she turned fourteen, she planned on telling him how she felt, hopefully before her parents finalized their plans to adopt him officially.

One night, though, tragedy struck. While Stella and her parents were driving home from a musical that she was a part of, a truck swerved into their lane and struck them head-on. Amity and Edmund were killed instantly, and Stella suffered injuries that sent her into a deep coma. Doctors told the survivors, Senel and Shirley, that she might never wake up.

It’s been three years since that day and now, at the age of seventeen, it seems that she’s finally waking up. She's slowly gaining use of her limbs and has already mastered small body movements. Her legs seem to be the last thing that will work for her.


Senel Coolidge (arrantly) - The boy she loves, Stella's starting to see him as a seventeen-year old rather than the fourteen-year old she once knew. She still has strong feelings for him, although she keeps it to herself since she believes that Senel only looks at her as a sister and doesn't want to damage their relationship. She's extremely grateful for everything he's done for her.

Norma Beatty (absentchick) - Norma is the first real friend she's made here. The girl spooked her at first, but now she's settled down and sees her as an outgoing and social girl. She hopes to do more with her, although she believes that that has to wait until she gets better.

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