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Withdrawn, and struggling to pick up the pieces of her life. Determined to look after others, even at a great risk to herself. Has trouble coming to terms with her own needs as opposed to the expectations she feels that others are imposing on her. Frail. Uncertain. May seem very distant, at times.

Basics Edit

Name: Raine Sage

Username: ruinmode

Series: Tales of Symphonia

RP: omg!symphonia

Age: 23 (probably 25-6 now)

Height: 5'5"

Weight: Way too thin.

Hair: Silver

Eyes: Blue-violet

Birthdate: December 22nd

Birthplace: Heimdall

Weapon: Staff

Occupation: Teacher, healer

Background Edit


Raine Athena Sage was born in the elven village of Heimdall, to her elven mother, Virginia, the daughter of an influential family; and her human father, Kloitz, a spy planted there by the Meltokio government. They lived there for a few years, until the situation became tense, and a scandal occured. It resulted in the three of them being forced out of the village. The Sybak Imperial Research Academy also became aware of Raine being a child prodigy and made many attempts at getting their hands on her. This led to the family being forced to live on the run for many years, unable to really settle down in any place for too long out of fear of her being caught. It didn't help that Virginia was a very paranoid and controlling woman, but the situation was balanced out by her father, who had a calming effect on Virginia that no one else could quite match.

There are a few traumatic incidents that managed to stick with her. The most prominent of those being when Raine had fallen off of the boat that they had been traveling on to escape from their pursuers, into the dark, freezing water and nearly drowned. This incident would always haunt her considering that she has been severely hydrophobic ever since, refusing to go near any large bodies of water if she could help it, though later on would lie badly and insist that she wasn't afraid. There were other incidents of nearly being caught, though she doesn't remember them quite so well.

When she turned ten years old, Virginia became pregnant with Genis, and Kloitz fell ill. As those chasing them still hadn't given up, things only became worse. Finally, coming to the belief that it was the right thing to do, Virginia took eleven year old Raine and newborn Genis to the Otherworldly Gate, and abandoned them there. The Otherworldy Gate was a ruin on a small island, where on certain nights the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla would connect. The trauma from this event resulted in Raine repressing most of her memories, unable to distinguish between Sylvarant and Tethe'alla and for many, many years, not even able to recall that Tethe'alla itself existed.

Raine now remembers very little else of her life before Sylvarant. If anything, it comes in flashes, of feelings of nostaliga, visiting places and hearing names that she recalls as echoes. Knowing that there never really was a home to call ... home. Sylvarant was her world, and something inside her simply knew -- knew that taking care of Genis, a tiny baby, at her age, even with her maturity, was too much of a task for her to handle as she was, not when the worlds of Sylvarant and Tethe'alla did not match, not when the world of Tethe'alla was considered the moon, and not supposed to exist. Part of her also sensed that she could not give up on searching for the ruin that she had been abandoned at; which left the clearest imprint of all on her memory. This search eventually became her "ruin mode", her passion for knowledge, for search and discovery, energizing her into a state of mania.

In order to survive in Sylvarant, Raine could not remain the child that she was, and it was a long and difficult road ahead, caring for her infant brother and raising him. For a very long time Genis was the most important person in Raine's world, though as she grew older she learned to take on other responsibilities, as her studying was always important to her. Most of her knowledge she had retained from her childhood in Tethe'alla, even though she had distanced herself so completely from it that it was easy to think that she had developed it, along with a seemingly cold, pragmatic side. They traveled, and for those first few years it was near impossible to get along on their own, but Raine was smart, and deception became her cloak.

Raine and Genis arrived in the small town of Iselia when she was seventeen, and he was just old enough to develop his own cooking habits in response to her failure on most days to provide a well-balanced meal for him. The town allowed her to become a Professor there -- believing she was an elf, of course, and Genis as well, as there was no real reason for them to believe otherwise. It allowed her to meet some very interesting students, some who became close friends with her brother; Lloyd Irving, a strange boy who lived outside of the village with his dwarven father, and Colette Brunel, the Chosen of Regeneration. Her natural curiosity getting the better of her, she found that it was a perfect opportunity to learn more about the journey of regeneration. Not so much for the religious aspects, but in the way a scientist studies things.

In Game Edit

And so the years passed, until the year in which the Tower of Salvation appeared. Colette recieved the oracle, and in a meeting, it was decided that Kratos Aurion would be appointed to accompany her on the journey as a mercenary, and that Raine would accompany them as another guardian. While Raine and Genis had never been separated before, she made arrangements for Colette's family to look after him while she was away. Sometime after they had departed, after arriving in Triet, they found that Genis and Lloyd had gotten into trouble with the Desians, as well as having been banished from Iselia. With them no longer having any other place to go, they were allowed however reluctantly to join them on Colette's journey, not seeing the true purpose in what it meant for Colette. Raine knew, but kept it a secret. If they found out the truth, it would only make the journey even worse for Colette.

The journey, as expected, would not go smoothly. With each city, there always seemed to be some new turn of events, in which things would not go for the better. Raine always advised caution, against trusting too many people, and against being too soft-hearted; Lloyd, Colette and Genis preferred to act with their hearts, to fight for those they saw as too weak to fight themselves, to fight against those they considered evil. Raine's pragmatic words of wisdom were often ignored, but she would end up supporting them in the end. When it came down to actually fighting the Desians, it was Raine herself who would set the ranches to self-destruct in a decisive manner.

Sheena was an assassin, sent from Tethe'alla to kill Colette. While Raine advised against trusting her, seeing the woman had thrown her for a loop. Something about the style of her clothing reminded Raine of -- home, though it was something that she couldn't quite place, couldn't quite acknowledge at the time, for acknowledging it would mean that everything she had told herself for the past twelve years was an impossibility, and Raine dislikes being wrong, especially when it comes to personal matters. When Sheena was injured, and everyone wanted to trust her, to work together with her, Raine alone stood against her, but healed the woman at Colette's request. Her abilities to heal become very important throughout the journey, and any failures she has with it leave her temporarily shaken.

As Sheena told them more and more about her world, the truth became clearer to Raine, though she still wasn't about to mention it to the others, not with so much still needing to be done. Their trip to the Tower of Salvation -- where Colette decided to sacrifice herself anyway, despite all of their wishes to the contrary, resulted in some shock for them. The major blow being that Kratos had betrayed them, and was a part of Cruxis, the organization which they had learned throughout destroying the ranches was the one which in fact created the Desians in the first place.

Saved by the Renegades, after learning that they were only going to be used in a pawn for a major power struggle, Lloyd and the others quickly found a way to escape the base, the only possible solution laying before them: traveling to Tethe'alla. After crash landing, they soon made their way to Meltokio, where Sheena took leave of their group. Raine was still somewhat overwhelmed by feelings of nostalgia but would not elaborate on them, only making vague comments that others would pick up on but not get much of an answer in response. Though there were more important things to worry about; after explaining their situation to the king, the Pope decided that they were too much of a threat to his power. Zelos was able to intervene, saying that he would keep an eye on them, which led them to Sybak.

Colette was still in a 'soulless' state, with red eyes and her body only reacting automatically. Lloyd's attempt to make a key-crest for her crystal seemed ineffective. Unfortunately, while discussing what they could possibly do next, the Pope's men overheard them, and used the opportunity to accuse them as well as Zelos of treason. After taking blood samples, the guards revealed to the shocked group that Raine and Genis were half-elves. Raine, still a bit overwhelmed with realizing that she was from Tethe'alla, didn't deny it, and they were led away, presumably to be killed. She and Genis were a little surprised when Lloyd and the others came to their rescue, however; even after their crusade against the Desians, who were known for being half-elves, for Lloyd, there wasn't even a question involved, and that was something difficult to grasp.

Their mission continued; Lloyd's plan evolving from wanting to save Colette, to wanting to save the world. Raine worried that they did not have enough information to continue their quest, but regardless they continued to make their pacts with the summon spirits. After several events, and rescuing Colette from Rodyle, Raine caught a glimpse of the Otherworldly Gate, and made plans to investigate it on her own. Which she was finally able to, after slipping away from Altessa's house in the middle of the night, without telling anyone what was going on. At the gate the overwhelming feeling of nostaliga rushed in, as well as acceptance; she had finally found the ruin she was searching for; and yet her mania did not rush in to be gleeful about it, either.

Eventually the others found her, and the group eventually was transported by the gate to Sylvarant, where they eventually began working with the Renegades, despite misgivings. They defeated Rodyle, made plans onto how to revive the linkite tree, and traveled back and forth between the two worlds until it was time to make a pact with the final summon spirit, believing that the worlds would stop being connected in this twisted cycle if they did so. Unfortunately, things escalated out of control, and surprisingly enough, Kratos joined them briefly, to defeat Forcystus and gain control of his ranch.

After returning to Tethe'alla, after visiting the city of Exire, Raine learned that her Mother was living there, and despite everyone's protests, went to visit her, feeling a mixture of various strong feelings that she hoped to put to rest, but unfortunately, she learned that her mother had in fact, repressed all of her memories of abandoning her children, believed that "her" Raine was a doll, and that she was still pregnant with Genis. This discovery rocked Raine, and she was frustrated with her mother's inability to acknowledge her, and the rejection stung. While they attempted to comfort her by giving her Virginia's diary, it was an empty comfort, despite knowing now that they were not abandoned because they were a burden, but because it would be safer for them.

They visited the Tower of Salvation again, only to discover that Zelos had been "betraying" them. This eventually led to a series of events in which everyone sacrificied themselves in some way so that Lloyd could continue on, though it was all part of an arrangement that Raine had discussed with Regal some time ago, in that they should all put their faith in Lloyd. When her turn came, she made it clear to Lloyd that she was perfectly fine with this -- granted she was rescued right afterwards. Even though Mithos's plan worked briefly, he once again twisted his sister's words, believing that she wanted him to take her with him to Derris Kharlan. Genis picked up Mithos' Cruxis Crystal after the battle and held onto it, not realizing how this would come back to haunt them later.

When they first visited the city of Heimdall, Raine was again overwhelmed, recognizing the city of her birth. Initially she and Genis were not allowed to step inside, and after Lloyd finally got permission, they were still not allowed to use any of the Elves' services, though they were merely glad to have the opportunity to step inside the city at all. It was here that they began to make many important discoveries, such as the truth behind Mithos and Martel's origins, as well as learning where to make the pact with Origin, that would give them access to the eternal sword, which Mithos had been lording over them.

Raine had briefly wondered about what she would do, if given the opportunity to go back in time, about the events in her childhood, but Lloyd was quick to tell her her that changing the past, no matter how painful, is a terrible idea. Which is something that Raine already knew, but her pragmaticasm is not infalliable. Eventually the group makes it back to Welagia, to the final confrontation with Mithos. In which they defeat him, and Lloyd is finally able to use the Eternal Sword to unite the two worlds. After this took place, the group split apart, to attempt to follow their own paths in the new world that was created.

Omg!Symphonia Edit

Roughly a year after the worlds were united, Raine and the others suddenly found themselves pulled towards Meltokio unexpectedly, and thrown into a surprising new conflict. The city was under siege, and under attack, by people who resembled them closely. Under further investigation, it was learned that these caricatures were in actuality clones -- or replicas, even for those familiar with the term -- of the group, not to mention others with some connection to Cruxis and the Grand Cardinals. People who were long dead turned up alive, and for a long time they were unable to do anything about the raging chaos in the city.

Before it was discovered that it was the former Grand Cardinal Rodyle behind the plot, the clone of Genis -- Raine's brother -- had seized an opportunity with the chaos to attempt to organize the more destructive clones in abusing the city. When Raine attempted to do initial research into the clones and thwart his plans, his retaliation was to kidnap both her and the real Genis; holding them hostage while attempting to extract demands from the other party members. He even went so far as to tell them that she had died, when he was keeping her hostage in the sewers, weakened from the rats. The group eventually arranged for her rescue by kidnapping the clone of Seles and offering her in exchange, but that was after two weeks of being held.

When everyone moved into Zelos's mansion for safety, Raine moved into the basement, turning it into a lab. She attempted to monitor the clones and their personalities, and took notes on the various effects that the "plot holes" produced, and worked on ways to counter ill affects. Falling into one herself, she lost her voice for a long period of time. Botta lost his hearing, and Seles was blinded. Raine was able to heal Seles, but unfortunately, Botta and Yuan chose to go through a plothole, which resulted in Botta's hearing returned to him, but Yuan mentally regressed to a seventeen year old. This would only cause problems later on.

Martel healed Raine, which began their initial partnership in healing. After Zelos killed Yggdrasill, and Yuan killed Sheena accidentally, tensions in the group were high. This was the first time they were able to split up and leave Meltokio, heading to Forcystus's ranch, which would become the later home for all involved. Martel and Raine attempted to heal Yuan to restore him to his former state, but something went wrong, and Rodyle, using the opportunity to sneak in some manipulation, slipped something into Yuan's mind while the healers attempted to regroup from the toll of the exhausting spellcasting. The possessed Yuan kidnapped Martel, and Raine got dropped into a plothole, turning into a toddler. It is not a time that any of them like to think on fondly.

After Martel returned (returned, since she was never actually rescued from the base), she was finally able to heal Raine, though she didn't bring her body up to it's proper age, instead having it be brought to somewhere between the ages of 10-12, though Raine was only glad to have some form of mobility again after being humiliated. It was only later that it was discovered that Martel wasn't exactly the Martel that they remembered, and this "half-healing", was an order from Rodyle to not restore Raine to her full power. Some time later, Colette was kidnapped, in an attempt to take on Rodyle on her own, Lloyd, Raine and Kratos went to Rodyle's base in an attempt to get her back. The first attempt of this failed, as Raine was knocked out, and it took her three days to recover, before they could make the attempt again with a larger party. This also ended up badly. Zelos was knocked out, and Colette, in a fit of insanity, grabbed Flamberge and killed Lloyd with it, with the rest of them unable to do anything. After repeatedly attempting to cast resurrection on him (and failing), her mana depleted itself much quicker than usual and she passed out.

This time, it took a much longer period of time for Raine to awaken. In the time that she was in her coma, her mother, Virginia arrived at the ranch. She had lost her doll, though recognized Raine because of the younger body, and became very possessive over her, arguing with Kratos and Regal whenever they would intervene. Raine eventually woke up, though in a lot of pain, and it was discovered that Rodyle had in fact kidnapped her clone around the same time Colette was kidnapped, and was torturing her to keep Raine incapcitated. A rescue plan was launched to retrieve her clone, and it was during this time that they realized Martel's involvement as well.

Meanwhile, Virginia was unable to accept that Raine was not a child, regardless of her body, and this led to many tense fights and arguments -- all of which the woman won. Along with this, Raine, despite her condition, was being pressed to heal many people -- people whose conditions that her healing arts, regardless of her weakened states, could not help at all. Kratos's clone (Dunamis) and Lloyd even fought over her at one point, each demanding her attention for healing Colette and the clone of Yuan (Gabriel), which she made attempts to do, only draining herself further. The nail in this coffin came when Forcystus came to her with a healing request that she could not meet. When this failed, he proceeded to berate her for her inability to heal his clone, leaving her mentally just stressed and vulnerable. Unfortunately, the first person to enter upon her in this state was her mother, Virginia, and finally all of the building stress from the previous month took hold as she mentally slipped away and became lost within herself.

On the surface, when she seemed to awaken, it was the buried memories from all those years ago that seemed to take control, and everything from the years in Sylvarant, and her current life, felt like a dream that only continued to slip further away. While she was in this state, her father, Kloitz, returned from the dead, only to discover that his wife and daughter were both "not well" mentally. Seeing her acting this way made something 'snap' within Virginia, who finally seemed to see the situation for what it was. This didn't have a good effect on Raine, who, in her state, perceived it as a form of rejection, and even though she was still physically weak made an attempt to run off into the Iselia forest, grabbing the first staff that she could find and bringing it with her. Unfortunately, that staff was the heart of chaos.

It was there that she met Abyssion, not recognizing him with her current state of mind. At first he pretended to befriend her, though turned violent after she refused to hand the staff over to him. He eventually won, taking the staff--but not until after a dark spell magically formed a bond between her and the staff, one that Abyssion would later use to taunt her with in an attempt to force her to gather the weapons for him. The battle with Abyssion left her unconscious in the forest in the middle of a storm, and she became very sick again. Virginia finally found her, hours later, and brought her back to the ranch, though she still made a point of avoiding her. It was then, also, that this childlike-self began to become more used to the world around her, and didn't quite want to leave, her head being filled with conflicting thoughts on the matter from the likes of Mithos and Martel's "other", who hinted that the two of them were very similar indeed.

Finally, Virginia spoke to her again, making the decision to make a healing attempt to at least recover Raine's body to the correct age. It seemed to work; when Raine returned to her proper age, her mind also seemed to come back to her. Unfortunately, Virginia, being tired out from the spell, couldn't be sure that it had even worked, and made the mistake of referring to Raine by her clone's name, "Leafil". Raine had always despised her clone back from the beginning of this mess, and her mother's (once again) inability to acknowledge her existence left her frustrated, and set the tone for the next stages in their relationship, let alone her relationships with other people. Firmly stating that she was "fine", Raine insisted on working constantly in order to make up for her weakness that had spanned the last few months. This naturally worried all of her friends, especially when they saw how quick she was to anger, the walls that she had begun walking into, and referring to the time she had spent in that childlike state in the third person, refusing to acknowledge the actions as her own. There was even an incident where she had smashed a mirror, frustrated with being reminded of her issues and the existence of her clone.

She became very busy during the next month, her first major healing assignments made on Lloyd and Martel, who were suffering from supposed mental conditions, just as she had been. Crazy!Lloyd was inadvertently created, although he didn't reveal himself until months later. Martel's situation was a bit different, though after she was "healed" she and Raine began working on projects, such as traveling to Iselia to aid with the "plothole" sicknesses. Yuan also gave Raine projects, because she was in constant demand for work, and this even included going to the renegade base for a weekend to help deal with the ailments there, and updating his databases. Dealing with him was vaguely uncomfortable due to the relationship he shared with her clone, though she purposely avoided thinking of that. She also made attempts to heal Colette of an odd condition she had acquired through falling through many plotholes, and became extremely upset with herself and at Colette -- herself for being unable to fix it, and Colette for refusing the treatment.

Eventually people began catching onto the fact that she wasn't really eating, unless Seles or Ellie brought her food (she had attempted to get Seles and Ellie to keep an eye on Martel for her, but eventually it turned into them becoming reliable help for the two healers), not sleeping (she was constantly drinking coffee in an attempt to keep herself awake), and more often than not she'd end up fainting, or forcibly put to bed by someone, on most occasions, her father, Kloitz (whom she pushed away more often than not), and Virginia. There was a point where Regal became involved as well, threatening to drug her and attempting to rally the others into doing something about her condition, but she was stubborn and attempted to keep pushing them all away.

After a particularly complicated healing session went wrong, she and Martel ended up collapsing from using up too much of their energy, both of them falling unconscious and being left on the floor for about a week before anyone else was able to locate them or put the pieces together about their situation. Forcystus and Botta had switched bodies, and the spell had worked, correcting their bodies, though some additional plothole involvement resulted in the two men turning into their seventeen year old selves and running off, leaving the drained women behind. It was Virginia who found them, and with Kratos's help put them both into a room, with two beds, which marked the beginning of them sharing a room.

The recovery period from this took nearly two months, considering their poor physical states beforehand. Virginia took care of them, until a new development caused her mental state to snap once more, as Raine's clone (who at this point was revealed to be pregnant with Yuan's child) was once again kidnapped by Rodyle. Genis, who had kept himself hidden in the ranch for the longest time, finally came out of his room to socialize with the group, and used the opportunity to take care of his sister and Martel. At the news of Regal's wedding to Alicia, which Raine couldn't attend due to her physical condition, she began to attempt to drive him away even more, as she found that she was growing much more attached to the man than proper, and those feelings on top of everything else that was bothering her only aided in the undoing of everything she had ever known about herself. Being unable to work, or to make herself useful, as she put it, for extended periods of time on hand, just left her feeling extremely depressed. She spent most of her time in bed attempting to get out of it before she was ready, or writing, working on theories that she couldn't quite put to use, but the note-writing did very little to make any of it feel any better.

After finally recovering, slowly she and Martel returned to their schedule in Iselia, only to have something else thrown at them: Kratos decided that considering all of their past issues, it would be best to have them both go to see the psychiatrist in Flanoir. Of course, he didn't tell the women directly, taking them both individually and lying about the situation until he got them there. Raine attempted to dodge going the first few days, though Kratos eventually caught her in the lie and forced her to go to her appointments, to her eternal chagrin. It also didn't help that one day she was found wandering around with blood all over her clothes -- her researcher personality had resurfaced and had gleefully dissected Crazy!Lloyd after he proceeded to taunt Martel one too many times. Things became more difficult for Raine after that. She became increasingly distant, once more, especially after Regal found out about her feelings for him, which she had been desperate to keep hidden. Virginia eventually snapped back out of her state, only using the time to become even more pushy, talking down to Raine and forcing her desires on her.

This wasn't helped when Crazy!Lloyd extracted his revenge on her, which left her bedridden for a time, her body unable to deal with that imbalance. After recovering from that she once again began to take up her old routines, with going to Iselia, going to see the doctor in Flanoir, without complaint, simply accepting all of the bad things that happened to her as something she "deserved", despite how much she hated it, and hated what she had become.

Dressing Room Edit

While it was strange to be jolted out of the old world, Raine's arrival in this new world was fairly uneventful, and it wasn't all that difficult to adjust to the new setting. Some of the people in this world, after all, were already from her own. The presence of doubles didn't alarm her, because she was already used to them in the clone situation. Her first real relationship in this world began with her meeting a strange version of her brother which seemed to suffer from a form of mental retardation. Being concerned at his situation, she began to take it upon herself to look after him. This resulted in her first meeting with Teen!Genis, which didn't go very well. He was very hurtful, and disrespectful, and nothing at all like the Genis from her world, who was only a few years off from turning seventeen, and the worry that somehow a relationship with her brother could go this horribly wrong worried her, so she began to keep an eye on him as well, hoping to somehow improve the relationship, or at least set the stones for him to have a better relationship with the 'her' from his world. This did not go well, either.

A little known fact is that Raine aided the Sheenas' in the construction of the daycare. She was planning to teach there, and she had begun to make notes, and projects, occasionally aided by "Gelda Nebilim", who would disguise herself to not be caught as the evil person she really was. Regardless, this was Raine's project, and she put a lot of work into it. When Abyssion and Nebilim began seizing the weapons, Raine found the heart of chaos and gave it to a younger version of herself to hide with it. When Teen!Genis, being heavily influenced by Replica Nebilim's spell, arrived on the scene and demanded that she hand it over. After she feigned ignorance about the staff's location, Genis then proceeded to attack her, casting several damaging spells as well as roughing her up physically, as well as verbally abuse, though she refused to fight him back; the only spells she cast were for her own defense and healing, up until he forcibly snatched her staff away from her. When it came down to actually killing her, he gave up at the last minute, but not before doing considerable damage, and left her on the ground for dead.

Instead of avoiding him after this incident, Raine refused to bring up what had happened to anyone else, though it wasn't hard for Zelos to put together the pieces. Already being on negative turns with the teenager, Zelos attempted to kill him, but was stopped by Raine, who calmed him down and sent him on his way. Granted, even though Raine continued to seek Genis out, it was nearly impossible for her to get too close to him physically, as the memory of the incident was still rather overpowering and she could barely look him in the face, part of her unable to accept that even though he was being manipulated at the time, he very nearly could have killed her. This would stay with her for a while, though it would start to fade.

Even after her first few months being in this world, one of the things that Raine hadn't quite done was find a place for herself to stay. It was always easier, finding a random room for the night, or a bench -- when she had any consideration for sleeping. Settling down in this place seemed odd, and not something she wanted to contemplate too deeply. Unfortunately, not having a place to really rest or call her own left problems when it came to her ankle -- it was sprained in the fight with Genis, and she continued to walk on it, regardless. She tended to it, but it would never get properly healed unless she actually stayed off her feet for a few days. This lifestyle eventually caught up to her when she became ill one day and fell asleep on a park bench. Genis found her, and despite her discomfort due to still having lingering fear of him, he brought her to a random house to rest, and then set about finding people to look after her -- namely Mistral and Seles. Around this time the younger Genis that she had been looking after vanished, as well.

After recovering once more from injury--an encounter with Crazy!Lloyd had left her injured once more, as he had managed to cut her in the shoulder with his sword, Raine again began to spend time out on the benches in the park, even though Genis had asked her repeatedly not to. She found that she liked the peacefulness of the park, and it allowed her to clear her head for a bit. Unfortunately, during one such day, Abyssion appeared, fresh from an epic fight with Mistral. While he didn't make any moves to attack her at first, Raine was still uncomfortable by his presence and hoped that he would get bored and leave. Leaving wasn't in any of his intentions, however, and after some moments of banter, he began to make unwanted advances towards her. She attempted to struggle, hitting him when he got too close, but he soon showed his true intentions, overpowering her and forcing himself upon her on the bench, then subsequently kidnapping her, taking her away to his cave in the mountains.

It took them about a week, but thanks to Martel arriving, Genis, after realizing that Raine had been missing for too long, was finally able to locate her. Joined by Mistral and Zelos, the four of them found the cave and were horrified by what they found there. Abyssion had dedicated the entire week to finding "creative" ways to crush Raine's spirit, and it seemed that he had largely succeeded when they found her, wearing nothing but the welts, bruises and the collar he had given her. They were unable to do anything about Abyssion at the time, however, as during their battle, Abyssion used a spell to bring the mountain down all around them. Raine was saved from injury by the last minute by Mistral's quick thinking, but she was in shock, and could barely register what had been going on around her, after being abused for so long. It wasn't until they returned to the Daycare that she could see just how horribly injured everyone had gotten on her behalf, and she desperately attempted to heal them, though Mistral stopped her after she used too much mana, frightening her. Thankfully Seles was able to get her to a room, and tried her best to make her comfortable.

Raine found it difficult to look at anyone for a long time after, or even to speak at a normal volume. Her throat hurt so much from the screams that it was just easier to talk quieter, and after a time, she didn't even try to speak loudly. She found it difficult to do almost anything, for a long time afterwards, feeling violated, insecure, and just hating herself, for her situation, for what she had become. Abyssion had referred to her as a "puppet", which had become easier to believe, the more he violated her. She was completely helpless and powerless in the situation, even in her attempts at defiance, at trying to cast a spell -- he'd simply do something else, and she'd be trapped, again. Everyone at the daycare attempted to be supportive, though it felt smothering, and the situation wasn't helped by Lorenzo, also known as the Rodyle clone, who would continually poke at her fragile mental state and attempt to make her believe all of those doubts she had about herself and her abilities. During her recovery period, she also met a little boy, named Asch, who was a younger form of another Asch. She gradually grew attached to him, since he was a replica and was very infantlike, almost similar to that other version of her brother that she took care of.

Sometime afterwards, she attempted to heal the boy's adult form, though the healing tired her out. Noticing that she seemed a bit off, Genis, finally able to move around on his legs again after being unable to walk for a long time, took her to find a healer, despite her quiet protests. They eventually found Martel, who made a startling discovery: Raine was pregnant! This, obviously was very devastating, and she did not take the news well, clawing at herself with her nails and begging Genis to "throw her away", which was a reference to the time that Lorenzo had taken it upon himself to put her in a dumpster, which Genis had to rescue her from. Eventually they calmed her down and took her back to her room, though for the next week afterwards, Genis kept close watch on her, refusing to leave for even a moment, because he was convinced that she would harm herself, or at the worst actually try to kill herself. In order to keep her hands busy, she began to spend her time drawing (mostly creepy pictures), or making attempts at writing notes. Eventually the two made a pact; that she wouldn't try to do those things anymore as long as he stopped beating himself up about the situation, and their relationship in general.

Following that conversation, Genis ran away. Zelos found him after a week and those two had an odd heart to heart that made them start to get along. Still, feeling uncomfortable with what she felt was her "standing" with the people at the daycare, Raine began to make her own plans to run away. The only thing keeping her from doing so was her physical condition, and worry over little!Asch, as well as not wanting to worry anyone. She confessed her plans to Martel, who was upset about it, and Raine almost decided not to go after all, until another conversation with Lorenzo made her paranoid once more, and she wrote a note for everyone in the daycare who had been taking care of her, before quietly taking some of her things and leaving.

It took her some time to adjust to being on her own, though she eventually found a treehouse in the woods, which she moved into, and slowly began to make her own. It was very simple, and away from everything, which was what she wanted. Being alone, being somewhere she could think, for once, and not have the reminders of what had happened to her staring her in the face. It was in her mind all the time, of course; but somehow not being surrounded by people who only meant the best but ended up making you feel worse was freeing, as well. And she felt utterly guilty, for feeling like that; it was selfish of her to do this. Though she liked the treehouse, and wanted to stay there, despite the fact that it really wasn't optimal. It wasn't near where anyone could help her if something happened, let alone the fact that she was pregnant and climbing up trees, and even worse, the fact that she couldn't cook. She was remembering to eat, but she was only eating dried crackers, and trail mix, and assortments of berries and mushrooms, from the forest, when she found them.

The children in the gang, the Red Wolves, took an interest in her treehouse, most of them stumbling upon it when she wasn't there. Moses, who lived nearby in his hideout, was one of these children. He actually had noticed some of the treasures that her "ruinmode" personality had gathered, and made an attempt to steal them for himself, when she caught him. The two eventually began talking, and after Moses took a liking to her, he returned the items, feeling guilty about it. He then began to spend more time with her, visiting her treehouse with his partner, Giet. Raine found that she had missed the company, after trying to be on her own, so it was a welcome surprise.

Raine also had to go to the daycare to drop off the Tiny Mithos that she had met in the forest, though she was careful to keep a safe distance at the time before slipping away. Those at the daycare didn't actually register Raine as having run away, considering they thought she was recovering and probably just "out". It wasn't until Genis overheard Lorenzo chuckling to himself about Raine's letter that he realized the truth, and immediately sent groups of people out to look for her. He and Seles went to the forest, where they stumbled upon the treehouse (seeking shelter from the storm and realizing that the treehouse was Raine's hideout). After finding Raine, the rest of the night was spent guilting her into returning to the daycare, even though it really wasn't what she wanted to do.

After meeting Senel, who brought with him an injured tiny Moses, Raine found an empty house to stay in with the boy, taking care of him while he was in a coma. Noishe found them, and Genis as well, and both helped provide Raine with food while they waited for Moses to wake up. It took quite a few days, but everyone was relieved when he finally regained consciousness. Unfortunately, not soon after, a failed cooking attempt gone badly resulted in Moses being badly food-poisoned, and the two hardly left the house for a time. When the world was covered by the Aethersphere, everyone insisted that Raine return to the daycare, though after being sent there she snuck off again to look for Moses. She tired herself out from fighting monsters, and was taunted by Lorenzo, who was acting even worse than usual. After he left, she met Chloe, who helped her find young Moses and Giet, and together, they went back to the daycare. Genis noticed them when Raine was attempting to secrely find a way to enter the building, and of course lectured her on her endangering her health once again.

The aetherphere collapsing brought back painful memories of the mountain collapsing on her friends, and for a few days after, Raine went around the town, looking for people to heal, feeling extremely guilty for the situation all over again even though they weren't remotely related. Not long after, Lloyd and Colette were finally married in a little chapel, and she attended, though didn't stay for the reception, instead stopping for a while to talk to Stella; when she began to realize that the baby was kicking. After they discovered that the Red Wolves hideout and her treehouse had been completely ruined by the collapsing rock, Raine later shared with Moses the fact that she was expecting, and he got the chance to feel a baby kick for the first time.

Things would not continue to move along this smoothly. Despite her situation, Raine was still unable to look after herself properly, instead using any means that she could find to heal -- due to the nature of the world, Mistral was changed into a succubus, leading her to subsequently drain Genis of his mana. Raine of course responded by attempting to replenish his supply with her own limited mana, causing a great strain on her body. When a tiny version of Forcystus later appeared, Raine used extensive healing on him as well, which, combined with stress, among other things, led to her collapsing outside and nearly losing the baby as a result. Because she can't trust herself to act responsibly, she's remaining in the clinic for now, allowing Martel to look after her.

Relationships Edit

Dressing Room

  • Older!Genis : Despite their extremely rocky start, Genis has become a rather important part of her life. When they first met, she was determined to help him, though once again she's found herself in a situation where he's the one looking out for her -- and not the other way around. Regardless, she does care for him and wants him to find a way to overcome the bitterness that he carries with him.

  • Mistral: She sees Mistral as being a stable influence for Genis; if they did not have their relationship, it is very likely that he still would be rather volatile. Mistral has also been there for her quite a few times; she feels obviously guilty for being in her debt like this.

  • Tiny Moses : Moses is the young boy she met during her stay in her treehouse. He visited her often, and she found that she was glad of his company, before Genis discovered her location and took her back to the daycare. After learning that he had been injured, she was of course worried and remained by his side to care for him. She knows that he likely will leave again once he's fully recovered, and the thought of this makes her a little sad.

  • Stella: She is an acquaintance that Raine doesn't mind speaking to often; it's refreshing to have someone to speak to who doesn't know any better about her situation. Though that may change if the two continue to speak.

  • Genis: Another version of her brother, this one younger than the one from her world, and in fact, is not exactly from her world at all. She feels guilty that he's aware of the cause of all of her current issues.

  • Chloe: A young woman who helped her search for Moses while the Aethersphere was covering the world. Raine was glad for her assistance.

  • Mint: Mint helps Martel run the clinic. Raine is somewhat jealous of this fact though will never admit it, though it'll likely keep her from involving herself with it as much as she would like. Much as the fact that one of her alternate selves is starting up a school instead of her own plan working out. Entirely irrational reasons. Other than that, Mint seems nice; though she's a little intimidated by her, for some weird reason.

  • Colette: A Colette that seems to be her neighbor. Raine hasn't talked to her very often as of yet, though there's just something about her that seems odd. She can't place her finger on what it is; and why look for things that aren't there, in a world like this one?
  • Lloyd: A Lloyd that seems to come from a drastically altered timeline of events. Her heart goes out to him, even if she's determined to keep her own secrets hidden.


  • Martel : In theory, Martel can be considered her closest friend, considering all they've been through. At the same time, while they are close, they also have certain issues that really keep them from acknowledging this. In any case, they do have an understanding of one another.

  • Seles and Ellie: Raine has more of a relationship with Seles than with Ellie. The girls have always been reliable, and Seles is generally the one who assigned herself to Raine and helped her keep notes in order, and always did her part to make sure that Raine was eating and resting. She has proven that she can be quite bossy about this. Raine has always appreciated her efforts, no matter how strained things often became.

  • Zelos: Raine has seen Zelos at his lowest moments, and she sees that he has, indeed, matured quite a bit during these last few years. She is glad to see that he has begun to adhere to some of her words of wisdom, though it's probably not likely that she will be advising any time soon.

  • Lloyd: Lloyd has always been a student of hers, one that naturally she's had to keep an eye on, even with all her problems. She wants nothing more for him to be happy and find his way again; though she'd rather he focus on his own life and not take hers into account.

  • Lorenzo: The Clone of Rodyle has a hobby, and that hobby is picking on failhealers who cannot find their spines to defend themselves capably. He seems to know her weak points, and how best to press them; using his clever words to plant seeds of doubt. It's easy to believe that he's a liar, but the words don't go away. They seep in, and play on fears, and feed unpleasant thought trains.

  • Colette: Raine has a lot of regret for failing Colette in the past, when the girl suffered often and there was nothing she could do about the matter, especially when being pressured by Lloyd and other people to fix the problem. She is glad to see that she seems to have completely recovered and turned into her old self, from so long ago. Some proof that not all things end badly. She hasn't really spoken to her as much since arriving in this world, however.

  • CrazyLloyd: The fact that this part of Lloyd now resides in the body of his clone Raine has accepted as being a mistake of her own; Lloyd needed to conquer his demons, not have them banished elsewhere and taking the easy way out. Though she was under a lot of pressure at the time to do /something/ about it, and so she acted. Her "ruinmode" personality seems to have taken an interest in him, however; even going so far as to dissect him and take extensive notes in a little notebook that Raine never reads.

  • Virginia: Raine's relationship with Virginia in omg!symphonia has ultimately led to shaping who she is today. Dealing with her is very painful, and she'd rather avoid it if she can help it. She only ever wanted her Mother to acknowledge her, and now that she has, Raine feels that it might have been better off had it never happened at all.

  • Kloitz: Her dead father was revived, due to Rodyle's machinations, although she tried her best to keep herself distanced from him, as much as possible. While he was easier to get along with than Virginia, that didn't make it any less painful to deal with. And Raine does not like dealing with her issues.

  • Leafil: Raine's dislike of Leafil comes of many things. Originally, when the clones first appeared, she could not stand her, if only because Leafil (before she had changed her name) seemed to be a mockery of all she once stood for. As time went on, and the clones became more Leafil, Raine began to see her more as a threat in her personal life. Leafil was kidnapped and tortured in order to make Raine suffer, though that did little for their bond. After some of her issues were dealt with, Raine observed what she perceived to be her family and some of her friends seeming to prefer Leafil over herself, and while she was jealous, she figured the best way to deal with this was to distance herself as far away from her family as possible. She knows she's being a hypocrite, but it's just not something she can deal with.

  • Genis: She worries that there was a shift in the balance of their relationship; that he no longer had need of her, or a reason to look up to her, after everything she had been through. She is also extremely jealous of how close he got to Leafil; at how he seems to look more to Leafil as "his big sister" while she is simply there -- barely the remains of who she once was.

  • Regal: She developed unrequited strong feelings for him. After realizing how close she was allowing herself to get, she resolved to push him away. Unfortunately he was oblivious in her feelings and insisted on being a part of her life. Guilt is really the strongest feeling involved, as she knows he's quite happy with his wife, and doesn't want him to feel like he has any responsibility towards her, because he shouldn't have to begin with.


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