Saffy, known as ariesrising on LJ, is a rather Scorpioish artist type with a love for angsty redheads and random cute. At heart she's actually a Final Fantasy girl and kind of fails at Tales titles. Actually, at everything. Oh well. She owns a website, feathery.ORG, and a deviantART, both of which she fails at updating. She's in college a lot and her parents party more than she does.

And that's all, because she hates wikis. B| Don't expect her to ever touch her character pages unless she's super bored.

Also, all of her contact info is here. Please don't LJ-message her unless you have LJ messages turned on in return.


acknowledging // Lloyd Irving // pre-end game // AU
chosenfake // Luke fon Fabre // post-game // paradisa (active)
cruxified // Kratos Aurion // post-game // paradisa (active)
curseslot // Sync the Tempest // not yet intro'd, so I have NO idea what time he's from.
feathercloaked // Kratos // Good Omens AU // not yet intro'd
makeemtingle // Anise Tatlin // somewhere before Eldrant // AU
minijudgment // Kratos Aurion // SEVEN YEARS OLD BAWWWW // does that make him AU?
misfrequency // Ion // somewhere before Eldrant // AU
ofsummons // Sheena Fujibayashi // somewhere after the third temple // AU
thousandthlie // Zelos Wilder // Tower of Salvation // AU

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