Sarah (aka Celebi), often known as "Sarah" or "LIL' GANGSTA" or "Mosuki" or "Mosekun" is an 18-year-old girl with nothing better to do.

MasterCard "We Want the Funk" Commercial

MasterCard "We Want the Funk" Commercial

Sarah, IRL

She's almost always around at night, unless she's found something more entertaining (which is often playing Digimon World, Ar Tonelico 2, or Final Fantasy Tactics). She is currently at college, doing college-like-things. SHE ALSO FAILS TO USE THE "PREVIEW" BUTTON, LEADING TO ABOUT THREE UPDATES IN A ROW PER EDIT.

She first started playing Tales of games when her friend invited her over saying "You have to see this! There's this awesome game... yeah, right now I'm outside a forest. And this red-haired guy isn't letting me go through..." Thus, Sarah was introduced to Tales of Symphonia. Then, she ended up playing Phantasia on the GameBoy. Then she got Legendia for Christmas. Then borrowed Abyss from a friend. Then bought a PSP solely for Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology. She ate up Dawn of the New World because of obsessive monster breeding, and still needs to acquire an X-Box 360. Legendia is her favorite, though. Possibly because she is such a fag for Jay.

She currently has almost no active characters because she got lazy and is slowly bringing some back.

- Moses Sandor (Young) (tinybandit)
The famed leader of the Red Wolves! He exists because Sarah loves little kids. No, seriously. Let her babysit sometime.
- Simon Fennes (plumesdelamer)
SARAH WANTED IN ON ALL THE GENDERBENDING. Again. Mostly she wanted in on Legenderbend because Colet hadn't freaked enough people out for her. Simon is a 10.7 magnitude MOEQUAKE.

- Moses Sandor (AU) (ofnovalue)
An alternate universe Moses Sandor, who became a "replacement" when Jay was thrown away. His world is very different from the Legendia we know and love, leading to very different reactions to people.
- Klarth F. Lester (withabook)
Originally a big part of tales_of_rp. She brought him back because it's always fun to be an older man with an ego the size of the Great Seed. Also, he's the character Sarah most often forgets that she plays.
- Norma Beatty (High School AU) (absentchick)
A modern-day Norma. Introducing the Dressing Room to the wonder of iPods, one person at a time.
- Colet Brunel (co_lay)
SARAH WANTED IN ON ALL THE GENDERBENDING. This boy!Colette is from a world where everything else is the same... just... she's a he. He's taken from right after he, Raine, and Kratos DITCH LLOYD AND GENIS.

- Moses Sandor (eagleshot)
Goodnight, Sweet Prince. ... Nah, I'm just kidding, he's probably run off with Jay and the two are chilling in Acapulco with mojitos.
- Arietta the Wild (Crazy) (crazietta)
Maybe she can go play in Abyss Dressing, where I don't need any excuse to act crazy and murderous.

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