Basic Stuff Edit

Name: Yuan Ka-fai.
Username: shaking-a-cane.
Series: Tales of Symphonia.
Played by: Meowzy.
Time Period: Extremely post-game.
Age: Ancient At least 5576.
Height: 5'8".
Hair: Blue with grey locks.
Eyes: Teal.
Birthplace: Region currently known as Asgard.
Weapon: Double-edged cane of terror, lightning magic, a really bad temper.

You kids these days and your hopskotch and your dungarees and your Rheairds and your hulahoops and your Sorceror's Rings and your Exsphere brokers and your pirates and your Quickjumps and your illegitimate offspring and your Katz and your Sony Playstations and your Chosen Ones and your "Point and click" world maps and your Elemental Cargos...

When I was your age, we didn't have Elemental Cargos. We had to cross the ocean in washtubs. In fact, they weren't washtubs at all. They were cardboard boxes strenghtened with metal poles. Most of them sank, which is why someone always had to test them first. That someone was usually me. That's probably why I hate everyone and everything. So let that be a lesson to you kids. Never trust your 'companions' to promise you'll make it to Palmacosta in one piece, because you won't.

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