Wait, there's a mun named Silvie here? But she never posts with her fucking characters!


In ur tales of dressing?

Nevermind that. Silvie's one of those random weirdos who tends to favor random, obscure NPCs over the main party. Her current Tales of love is Legendia, although she still carries a torch for Symphonia (although she likes to pretend stupid Dawn of the New World doesn't exist argh). She had a brief affair with Abyss, but it wasn't to last. She's started, but has never finished, Tales of Phantasia and Tales of Destiny. Vesperia fascinates her, but lack of an Xbox 360 prevents a relationship.

Silvie lives either in the Middle of Nowhere Minnesota, or the Middle of Nowhere North Dakota, depending on what time of year it is. When she's not making posts (which is often) she's usually busy being consumed by college, work, or a current writing project. But it's mostly college.

--revival | mercilessfrost | childinshadow | tinyidealist | falsechosen

ps I'll have you know that the great mouse detective is the best disney movie ever TARDY AGREES WITH ME SO IT'S TRUE

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