PS2 ToD Tales of Destiny - anago-Moe 2

PS2 ToD Tales of Destiny - anago-Moe 2

Barbatos's Attacks
Devil Fist - "UREAAGH!"
Reaper Fang -"GAHAHAHA!"
Earth Crusher - "I'll crush your bones!"
Evil Charge - "I'll... Kill you all!"
Ares Fist - "Fine... DIE!"
Stomp - "Writhe in PAIN!"
Miasma Abyss - "BURUUAAAA!"

Genocide Braver - "Hahahaha... GENOCIDE BRAVER... BURUUAAAA!"
No Items Ever - "No... Items... EVEEEERRRRR!!!!"
World Destroyer - "Kyahahahaha... I will show you... My WORLD DESTROYER! BURUUAAAAAAAAAAA!!!"

Shadow Edge
Bloody Cross
Evil Sphere - "O Bloody Massacre of EVIL SPHERE!"
Execution - "I condemn you to your EXECUTION!"
Burn Strike - "O Blazing Passion of BURN STRIKE!"
Ceiling Fall - "O Fleeting Despair of CEILING FALL!"
Gran Vanisher - "O ruinous calamity of GRAN VANISHER!"


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