H-hey, sup! *A* My name is Squish. \o\ I roleplay most of the Annas, Colettes, Shirleys, Regal, Martel, etcetc.

um. 'A' I'm 17..a senior in highschool, now. hdjksahfjkwe

I drink diet coke. Regular coke hurts my tummy D8

I love baking. \o\ I also like to make graphic designs. I make layouts and profile layouts for livejournal every so often. And I love to roleplay. xD

I roleplay at several different RPGs. 'A' and. I'm too lazy to list them, lulz.

A few last 'A'

I do not have a cute blonde monopoly.

I am not cute.

I love Peanut Butter.

..THAT'S IT \o\




(Contrary to what she'll tell you, Squish is cute.) urbz wrote this it is a LIE Dx vbdnsdjmd,yt CUTE SQUISH IS CUTE

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