The ManEdit

Tardu is a ridiculous player who plays mostly trolls, idiots, old people, and sometimes geniuses. But that's on a rare occasion. Most of the time she's an idiot who doesn't know any better and is prone to typos, misunderstanding, and mistakes, so please remember. She is a huge tard.

The LegendEdit


A pretty good representation of Tardu in her natural habitat, looking confused as ever.
Done by Noi!

Before this, Tardu was not Tardu, Tardu was something else completely. I honestly can't remember my older name and identity, so that might explain why I don't remember. While I was in that fandom I can't remember, I came across some people where fans of Kratos, Mithos, and Zelos. So these couple of guys, who were up to no good, started making trouble in my neighborhood. I got into one little fight and my friend got scared - she said I had to play the game right then and there.

I begged and pleaded with her day after day, but she gave me the name and sent me on my way. She gave me a moderator position at her Tales forums, and gave me a discount ticket. I put my glasses on and said, "I might as well kick it!" Discount, yo this ain't so bad. Characters running on the battle field, fights to be had! Is this what Tales of games were like? Hmm, this might be all right!

I whistled for more interesting characters, and it came near! The Desians had so much bling it reflected in the mirror! If anything, I can say these characters are rare, but I thought, "Yo, let's get more of these guys right there!" But they were all dead when I finished the game, I yelled at the screen, "Damn that sucks, but I'll play it again later!" I found another game, I was finally there - to be damned with liking characters who die forever.*

Yes, I know I loved all the characters in Legendia, but it's one of the blacksheep of the Tales Series so it doesn't count. :(

The IdiotsEdit

     Big, fat, score obsessed, and mostly retarded. Yell at him and see him yell back.
     Cruel, collected, cocky, and resident stalker of Anna. Poke him at your own risk.
     A little creepy but can come off cute. Very polite, just don't make him dirty. 
     Chill, polite, hot but racist all the same. He's nice though surprisingly.
     A rude womanizer who has no regard to consequences. Love harassing the unstable.
     Epic failure, clumsy, foolish, but somehow endearing. Kick him around and see what happens.  
     Blood thirsty, obsessed with battle, and a sadomasochist to boot.  You have been warned.
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