This a tiny Stella, age 13, before the trauma begins in her life. She bakes, she cooks, she cleans, she decorates; she's a mini housewife!

Stella's a part of the Red Wolves, a gang formed by tiny Moses. She proved her worth by telling the group that she could fly, and she also showed that she could withstand the habits of a boy without cringing any day. She does not believe in cooties, after all.

She's currently involved in a relationship with tiny Senel, also age 13. The two have only gone out on a few dates, yet they still love to spend most of their time together. They're currently planning on using an old map Stella found to go on an adventure with the Red Wolves, although Senel isn't so sure that he can trust them.

Stella is also training to be a healer, although all she knows is First Aid right now. Also, she's a mentor to Sven and regularly teaches him the wonders of the Ferines language. He calls her Little Master, and she calls him Big Apprentice. She has no idea that he's into the lolis.









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