Basic InformationEdit

Name: (Mercenary) Kratos Aurion.


Game: Tales of Symphonia.

RP: None.

Played by: Meowzy.

Age: 28 (I'm serious).

Height: 6'1" / 186 cm.

Weight: 173 lbs / 78 kg.

Hair: Auburn.

Eyes: Ruby.

Birthplace: Luin.

Weapon: Longswords and daggers.

Occupation: Mercenary. (No, I mean it.)

Background InformationEdit


You know that person you thought Kratos was until you noticed he was acting mighty suspicious, especially around Lloyd? Well, that's this Kratos. 100% plottwist free, this Kratos is indeed the mercenary he claims to be. He's got a somewhat sad past, of course, as is obligatory for all Tales characters. However, it's nothing as dramatic as being a 4000 year old angel who happens to be Lloyd's dad.

Point in CanonEdit

All seals have been released and the path to the Tower of Salvation has been opened! Will they find a way to save Teth'alla, or mercilessly abandon that place so Sylvarant can live? Only time will tell. The group was just on its way to find the unicorn, so they could have its horn. Colette won't regenerate the world until Pietro's been cured, after all.


Basically the same as in-game Kratos, though he carries a far smaller burden. He's still a social retard and has trouble talking about his (now less impressive) past. Uptight and condescending at times, he can be a bit of a jerk. Even so, he likes taking on a mentor position for Lloyd, who reminds him of himself in his younger days. Mercenary!Kratos takes his job extremely serious because he grew up in the belief that when the Chosen One finishes her journey, Sylvarant will be saved and the Desians sealed away. For the sake of World Regeneration, he'd give his own life to protect her.

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