Basic Stuff Edit

Name: Alice.
Username: Whipsnapper.
Series: Tales of Symphonia; Dawn of the New World.
Played By: Meowzy.
Time Period: Pre-Ginnungagap battle.
RP: Paradisa.
Age: 18.
Height: 5'3".
Hair: White.
Eyes: Golden.
Birthplace: Probably near Hima.
Weapon: Whip rapier of moe, monsters, magic.

After her parents were killed by monsters, while on a pilgrimage for the Church of Martel, Alice was raised in the orphanage in Hima. It was there that she met Decus. However, being a half-elf, she was often ignored and avoided. When she was only ten years old, an adventurer was killed in the village. Everyone believed Decus to be the murderer, while the true culprits were the orphanage director and his sons. However, no one would believe Decus' words and he was lynched severely. Just as they were about to kill him, Alice 'came to the rescue'. She'd made a pact with a demon, gaining the power to have monsters do her bidding. In return, she would have to find the 'Tome of Demons'. The destruction was merciless, as the orphanage was reduced to ruins. The director, his sons and the adventurers were all killed. After this, Decus swore to stay by Alice's side at all times. She'd saved his life, therefore it now belonged to her. After the Demon Tome was destroyed by Lloyd and his companions, the demon whom Alice had made a pact with died and she lost her powers to control monsters. Now, she has to rely on Exsphere-powered machines to do that for her.

Both ended up joining the Vanguard, though for entirely different reasons. Alice wanted to change the world herself, by a display of sheer power, while Decus only joined to follow her example.

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